Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bobby Caina Calvan emerges !

Reader E. Bainter emailed me that Bobby Caina Calvan has put his blog back on line, including the now-famous 197 blistering comments. Calvan explains in a note that he deleted the blog before realizing that was violating blog protocol.

I give him credit for getting in line with blog protocol. That's a start. Now he has to answer some questions. Bobby, tell us what kind of reporter gets snotty with a soldier at a checkpoint, then brags about it later? Tell us if you went to New York University or Berkeley, since internet records on your college education are in conflict. Tell us what is the point of a Baghdad bureau if you just sit in your hotel room and send some Iraqi women out to get reports of gore and grief?

Most important: when is McClatchy going to start informing readers about the accomplishments of the US troops, instead of never-ending stories about Blackwater, Halliburton, and Abu Greib?

Update: Dan Riehl notices some of Calvan's pages are missing. Doc Weasel has more here.