Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dem superdelegate Laura Richardson defaulted on three mortgages but managed to loan her campaign $77,500

Developments surrounding Laura Richardson's default scandal are getting curiouser. The Hill is reporting Laura Richardson apparently refinanced at least one of her houses and plowed $77,500 into her campaign, before defaulting on the loans.

Even as that was happening, ethics watchdogs were crying foul over Richardson’s personal finances and questioning how she was able to lend her campaign to Congress $77,500 in the midst of multiple home loan defaults.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports show that Richardson loaned her campaign a total of $77,500 — in three installments — between June and July of 2007.

Richardson, of course, is a superdelegate pledged to Hillary Clinton.

Shawn Steele at Flash Report has details on the houses Laura Richardson defaulted on:
This house owned by Richardson was sold in May at an auction. AP photo Rich Pedroncelli

Richardson's San Pedro house went into default in September 2007. Photo Brad Graverson

This Long Beach house went into default in March. Photo Stephen Carr

Michelle Malkin is on the case.

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