Saturday, July 12, 2008

Give it up for Francisco "Paco" Martinez

Spc. Francisco "Paquito" Martinez, age 20, was killed by a sniper's bullet in Ramadi, Iraq, on March 20, 2005. Three years later, his father, Francisco "Paco" Martinez, is deploying to Iraq with the 610th Security Forces Squadron.

After a 17-year break in his military service, Martinez joined the Air Force reserves after his son's death. At 44, he he one of the oldest soldiers in his unit, old enough to be father to many.
Chris Vaughn from McClatchy's Fort Worth Star-Tribune covered the poignant story here. Photo credit: Fort Worth Star Telegram
BlackFive wrote about the death of Paquito Martinez here.


TheBronze said...

Kev, you beat me to it...

Anonymous said...

This guy is something else.