Saturday, August 2, 2008

Amazing!... 200 unfavorable reviews of Pelosi's book on Amazon disappear overnight

Would liberals engage in censorship? Apparently so; Lone Pony has discovered more than 200 bad reviews of Nancy Pelosi's book disappeared overnight.

Below is one of the censored reviews that disappeared.

Maybe this is what Pelosi means when she says "elections have consequences."
By the way, Nancy Pelosi's new book is bombing. As of mid-afternoon Saturday, "Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters" is ranked #716 at Amazon.


TheBronze said...


After all, Libs are all about "Free Speech"...

Anonymous said...

"Free Speech for me but not for thee."

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the deleted reviewers. In order to protect my one-star review from deletion, I made sure to give it content and form. Didn't matter. Amazon is not only deleting rant-reviews, but apparently any one-star review they whim to delete. The rating has gone from a solid one star to a solid two stars. Over time, Amazon will shape this into a 3/5 star book.

There's a difference between serving the best interests of your publishers (in this case Doubleday) and conspiring with them to deceive the consumer.

-- Divora

Anonymous said...

Of course, Amazon will shape it into a book that sells. They have an inventory to unload.