Wednesday, August 13, 2008

RINO: records show Jim Leach and his wife have donated nothing to GOP in the past 5 years, but are now donating to Obama

Former GOP congressman Jim Leach announced Tuesday he is endorsing Barack Obama for president. The Obama campaign is trumpeting the announcement as sign Obama can reach across the divide and unite the country.

But what kind of Republican is Jim Leach, really?

Let's take a look at contribution records. According to Federal election records, Jim Leach hasn't given one thin dime to any GOP candidates in the last 5 years.

But, records show Leach's wife Elisabeth gave $1,000 to Barack Obama the 2nd quarter of this year, and another $350 the 1st quarter.

Leach was a moderate congressman from Iowa for 3 decades before losing reelection in 2006. Iowans remember Leach made previous threat to leave the GOP. Now he is a professor at Princeton, where he can hob-knob with fellow elites.
Former GOP congressman Jim Leach: "The world is crying out for Obama!"

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