Wednesday, September 17, 2008

McClatchy union workers slam McClatchy executives for luxury corporate jet

Union workers at McClatchy's Lexington newspaper slammed Gary Pruitt and McClatchy executives today over their luxury corporate jet..

As workers were asked to do more with less, McClatchy executives enjoyed a plane that features two large flat-panel TVs, with 10 leather passenger seats and a wet bar with quarter fig mahogany cabinetry. A basic Falcon 2000ES cost $23.5 million in 2003. To put that in perspective, $23.5 million is more than the annual profits of many small- to medium-sized newspapers. The Guild applauds the company for selling this extravagant luxury(, but we ask how many jobs could have been saved had McClatchy sold this jet a year ago?
Folks, in 2003 Gary Pruitt had a Hawker jet, according to this account. Since then, Pruitt upgraded his ride to a more luxurious jet while he was running the company into the ground. I can't believe he only sold it last month. Where was the board?

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