Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another McClatchy property headache -- property in Olympia, Washington has been on the market for months

Last week I noted the difficulty the Miami Herald is having selling the 10-acre parking lot they've been trying to unload for a year. Turns out McClatchy's The Olympian newspaper in Washington also has some land it hasn't been able to sell.

The Olympian put a large chunk of land adjacent to its main site up for sale several months ago, with no results yet. The site is an entire city block in Olympia. Asking price: $1,135,326 .

The property was used for overflow parking -- before the staff cutbacks of 2008. With fewer employees, there isn't as much need for extra parking space. Why this wasn't put up for sale much earlier, before the economy took its downturn is any one's guess.

Thanks to the emailer who reminded me about the property and forwarded details.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Charlotte Observer has plans to sell their building also. The paper reported that they should know something by December.