Saturday, October 4, 2008

How many McClatchy reporters does it take to find a Joe Biden fib/gaffe?

McClatchy bureau chief John Walcott assigned seven reporters plus "the staff from the Anchorage Daily News" to fact-check the VP debate, according to this article. The McClatchy Clown Posse located nine Palin misstatements in the debate, but somehow only saw one Biden misstatement.

Just one. Seven McClatchy reporters plus "the staff from the Anchorage Daily News" only found one Biden mistake.

How does McClatchy's "one" compare to what other fact-checkers found? Not very well. Let's see some other results from other outlets:

Investors Business Daily documented nine Biden fibs/misstatements.
The New York Post found more Biden fibs/misstatements.
Karl Rove found ten.
Ace has fourteen.
The McCain campaign lists fourteen.

So what is McClatchy's excuse?
Uh, maybe the Clown Posse wasn't really looking for Biden gaffes and misstatements?
McClatchy's Clown Posse missed another Biden gaffe -- Katie's Restaurant went out of business during Clinton adminstration
McClatchy's crack team of anti-Palin investigators misses a major Biden misstatement
McClatchy lists the entire team they have assembled to bash Palin


Anonymous said...

I will be so glad when the bankruptcy judge drops the gavel and makes McClatchy history. The only regret I have is that the arrogant assholes that are the primary reason for the failure of the industry will never acknowledge their part.

Anonymous said...


Kevin Gregory said...

McClatchy's credibility with readers is just about shot. And if current trends with McClatchy's financial situation continue, the Clown Posse will be looking for other work before long.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait.