Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Wichita Eagle subscriber cancels his subscription

From comments, a Wichita Eagle subscriber -- who happens to be a trained journalist -- has had it with advocacy journalism:
I stumbled across your site while making the decision to cancel my subscription to the Wichita Eagle. McClatchy acquired the Eagle in 2006. As a Knight-Ridder publication, the Eagle was already left-leaning, thanks to Davis Merritt and his belief in advocacy (community) journalism, which I think has contributed to the erosion of journalism standards in this country. The Eagle hasn't endorsed Obama yet, but I don't doubt that it will. Gov. Sebelius is an Obama acolyte and the Eagle serves as her diary and daybook.

I have a degree in journalism (from another era - the '70s) and so it is hard to watch the complete implosion of the traditional media. I turned off broadcast TV news in 2004 and local TV news this year. I stopped my subscription to Time many years ago.

God help our country.

I've said before, it's lousy journalism to become a booster for one side -- it's also bad for business.

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