Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fort Worth Star-Telegram to explore a newsroom partnership with the Dallas Morning News (updated)

McClatchy's Fort Worth Star-Telegram is exploring ways to partner with the Dallas Morning News in news gathering. Details are being worked out. DMN editor Bob Mong:
"Editors at both papers feel there are some common sense ways we can save money through cooperation that can free valuable resources in both newsrooms," writes Dallas Morning News editor Bob Mong. "We commenced talks because of the challenging economic and revenue environment we find ourselves in."
Hat tip: Comments

UPDATED: In comments, an obvious point I should have mentioned:
"Partnership usually spells loss of jobs as "redundancies are eliminated" down the road."



Anonymous said...

And hell has frozen over in the Metroplex.

Anonymous said...

This should prove interesting. These folks have been teetering on the edge of Anti Trust violations for the past few years. This should push it right over the edge, and then look out, the AP cartel will fall like a house of cards.

Anonymous said...

Partnership usually spells loss of jobs as "redundancies are eliminated" down the road.