Wednesday, November 5, 2008

McClatchy shares fall 6.6 percent Wednesday

McClatchy (MNI) shares fell 6.6 percent in trading on Wednesday, while the Dow fell 5 percent. The above chart shows the decline in McClatchy shares over the past year.
UPDATE: Most newspapers took a dive Wednesday. Media General was the Biggest Loser (down 13.5 percent), and McClatchy was the 2nd Biggest Loser.


Anonymous said...

Actually it was 6.64%, but, I am grateful none the less. McLatchy has transfered a great deal of their worth to my accounts having been short on this company since it was selling for 55.00.

There is an upside to working for a loser and knowing it all along.

Anonymous said...

KC Star Online Business headline today (right now even)

Campaign End Gets Wall Streets Endorsment as Stocks Rally

Anonymous said...

...Odd that. The Dow lost 486.01 points today, the 5th of November. That's 5.05% of it's value. Perhaps being an Obama worshiper makes one invert bad news into good.