Thursday, November 13, 2008

Senior online editor among Kansas City Star employees getting pink slips

Among the 50 employees at the Kansas City Star who were laid off this week was senior online editor Stan Austin. The obvious question: if the KC Star's online business is doing so well, why would they dump their senior online editor? Journal-isms has Austin's background:

Austin was managing editor of the Web site when it launched in 1995, and had been copy editor, makeup editor and assistant business editor before moving to the Web operation.


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Anonymous said...

I wonder if this guy is the one responsible for seeding the entire online edition with unmarked editorial, creatively edited AP stories, month old polls, and recycled stories? I noticed that the front page immediately looked cleaned up and the same editorials were no longer posted in breaking news, business, local and front page.

In other news! McClatcy back under protection...Added to Naked Short List. Hope everyone got their shorts in because after a short pop, this baby is going to 1.00.