Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Conflict of interest?... KC Star publishes regular column by Rhonda Lokeman, who is married to publisher Mark Zieman

The Kansas City Star publishes a column by Rhonda Chriss Lokeman, who happens to be married to KC Star publisher Mark Zieman. Lokeman's column is syndicated through Creators Syndicate.

Do you see a conflict? Leave responses in comments. I'll have more later. Hat tip: comments



Anonymous said...

OK what other paper does her column run in????

Anonymous said...


What is so sad about it is The Star implemented that Nepotism policy for the sole purpose of breaking up the Unions. Now this scumbag circumvents it for his own purposes. Just shows the value of a Capital Cities re-tread.

Anonymous said...

Rhonda Chriss Lokeman writes:
“It'll be great to have in the White House a president who can finish The New York Times puzzle.”
-The NY Times Kid’s puzzle question-
The USA has how many states? _ _ _ _ _

BO, scratching his head: Au, au, au, there aren’t enough spaces. Fifty-seven needs more spaces.