Saturday, December 6, 2008

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Anonymous said...

GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) took Lokeman to the woodshed. My, what she said, shame on the Red Star for printing such slurs. After the GLADD complaint, Creators Syndicate later wrote that her column had been “Fixed.” How does this embarrassment of a so-called journalist stay with any reputable newspaper?
National News: GLAAD [Educates] Nationally Syndicated Columnist on Defamatory Language

GLAAD reached out to nationally syndicated columnist Rhonda Chriss Lokeman after reading her September 13 column which used [defamatory language in reference to transgender women.] GLAAD [educated Lokeman] using the GLAAD Media Resource Guide and Lokeman contacted her syndicate company and [her hometown paper] The Kansas City Star, to [eliminate the defamatory language] The column “Sisterhood of the Mocking Malamutes,” is [now corrected.]

Anonymous said...

Loco Ono continued:
I am not sure how fully representative the Media Matters list is of Lokeman’s syndication, but I found only one paper showing Lokeman as a ‘current’ columnist besides the KS Red Star. Even then, the Eureka Times-Standard had the following complaint, and there is another reference to her being a new replacement for Molly Ivins.

IMO, this article was a low class hit piece on Gov. Palin. There is no place for this sort of tasteless journalism anywhere, except the low class KC Red Scar of course.
“Cheap insults
Letters to the editor
Posted: 10/05/2008 01:25:01 AM PDT
As a member, of the “thinking public,” I tried to read an article written, by Rhonda Lokeman printed in this paper on 9-17-08. The article entitled, “Sisterhood of the Mocking Malamutes” was sexist, racist, insulting, inaccurate, vulgar and mean spirited…….[I sure miss Molly Ivins right about now.”]

Kevin Gregory said...

Archer05 -- any clue what the offensive language was that sent GLAAD into orbit?

Anonymous said...

Lokeman and her so-called syndication company must have gone into a panicky CYA mode to scrub the word ‘tranny’ off the web. However, the ‘cache’ copy was still available. Loco bowed to GLAAD’s complaints immediately. The gay community did not care to be slurred in Loco's gutter talk.

To write this smut against a female candidate is so low class, it is difficult to believe it was accepted by any respectable news organization.
[Thinking] What ‘respectable’ news organizations? The ones on life support? Pull the plug!

Lokeman in full tilt vulgarity:
Daily Chronicle- Cache
….” What is a pit bull with lipstick if not a female dog? [A tranny with a wide stance?] It’s certainly not a sow. Oh, never mind.”…

Rhonda Chriss Lokeman is a contributing editor to The Kansas City Star. [Belch]

Anonymous said...

Kansas City Mayor lashes out at the Star and its Publisher:

Anonymous said...

Kind of ironic really. I always figured Rhonda was really Ron when the make up was chiseled off.

Anonymous said...

6:22 Both are worthless and deserve one another.