Saturday, January 17, 2009

Did McClatchy hire a Hamas propagandist as a stringer in Gaza?

Ahmed Abu Hamda, the Palestinian stringer who has been hired by McClatchy to report from Gaza, is almost certainly a liar, and may be a Hamas propagandist.

A little research shows Hamda has been pushing Hamas talking points to media outlets.  Get this interview he did with NPR reporter Melissa Block when he insisted Hamas terrorists never fired rockets from the UN School in Gaza:

BLOCK: The claim from the Israeli military has been that Hamas uses the population within Gaza basically as human shields, that they infiltrate what would be civilian sites. And that's why some of these places have come under attack. What do you think about that?

Mr. HAMDA: I think this is totally wrong. It's a war media. It's an advertising for themselves. Why? Because UNRWA School has been targeted by the Israeli fighters.

BLOCK: This would be the United Nations school that was targeted.

Mr. HAMDA:  Exactly, exactly. And innocent people, most of them are wounded and killed. There are no fighters in the UNRWA schools. I challenge them if they have - they say that even they have on tube - that they shoot each rocket and they have it on video, on the YouTube, why they shot that rocket or whom they were targeting. I bet them, if they can't approve that if there was a militant or a rocket launched from that school.

Quite a powerful denial from Hamda. But it isn't true.  Look at some actual evidence about terror activities at the UN school in Gaza.  First, the video evidence.  Below is video of Hamas terrorists firing mortar into Israel from the UNRWA school in Beit Hanoun in 2007:

Now let's look at published reports. Reuters published a report last May that UN School headmaster Awad al-Qiq was killed in an Israeli air strike. The report said that Palestinian terrorists hailed Awad al-Qiq as martyr, and evidence emerged that he had been leading a double life - headmaster by day, Hamas rocket maker by night. (I blogged about this last May.) A Jerusalem Post article earlier this month quotes two witnesses who claim they saw terrorists firing rockets from a street close to the UN School. An Israeli Defense Forces report on Hamas terrorists using the Beit Hanoun UN school here.

Who are you going to believe: a Palestinian stringer, or your lying eyes?

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Anonymous said...

Well, he might be a propaganda plant or a serial liar or sympathetic to Hamas or even a member of Hamas..... but does he belong to the guild?

Gary Rosen said...

Are you kidding? Dion Nissenbaum is a liar and Hamas propagandist, they didn't need to hire another one.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:37 -- he might not beling to The Guild but NPR and the left-wing media love him.

Anonymous said...

McCreeps doing harm-
It doesn’t take long to connect the dots: A simple search of each name brings up the others as cohorts. They have been co-writers for years.

The anti-Israel, and anti-USA venom drools off their articles. Take your pick of dozens of articles, all disgustingly biased. These so-called US correspondents writing how guilty the US is of every ill in the world, certainly would ramp up the hate for us, and then the dregs can write about how hated we are.

Watch for propaganda written by:
[Dion Nissenbaum and Warren P. Strobel]
[WARREN P. STROBEL and Shashank Bengali]
[Shashank Bengali and Ahmed Abu Hamda]
[Ahmed Abu Hamda and Dion Nissenbaum]
[Ahmed Abu Hamda and Warren P. Strobel]
[And any combination of these jerks]

Anonymous said...

Dion Nissenbaum: Think of Peter Arnett, but twice as nutty, twice as treasonous. Another whackjob that somehow thinks his lying is justified.

Remember this? NBC fires veteran reporter Peter Arnett after he tells Iraqi TV that the initial US war plan has failed.

Anonymous said...

McClatchy must have a required in-house propagandist class, in case the Marxist colleges missed polluting everyone. Pay those student loans off liberal j-school scribblers.

Anonymous said...

I did take a look at some of the reporters mentioned. A child would ask questions about their known biases. McClatchy has fallen over the edge into total dishonesty. They cannot return to objective journalism now. It is over for them.

Anonymous said...

Those correspondents writing against Israel, know what they are doing to foster hate. Their articles fan out into the global news. That they could be considered seasoned reporters of note is sick. They are hustlers, nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Human Rights Watch: White (phosphorous) lies

Jerusalem Post ^ | 1-17-09 | GERALD M. STEINBERG

In a few hours, the "white phosphorous" story was featured in dozens of newspapers, Internet blogs and television news programs

… the damage was done - the image of Israel as a serial violator of international law and human rights was reinforced - a major success for Hamas. CNN, the Times (London) and Christian Science Monitor ran major stories, embellished with quotes from doctors in Gaza, including propagandist [Mads Gilbert,] who claimed to have seen phosphorous burns.

Gilbert also justified the 9/11 terror attacks…,