Tuesday, January 20, 2009

McClatchy shares fall 7 percent Tuesday

McClatchy (MNI) shares closed at 75 cents a share Tuesday, down 7 percent from Friday's close. By contrast, the DOW was down 4 percent.


Anonymous said...

Update on NYT investment news
At Fitz & Jen:
Slim Hopes? S&P Ratings Not Impressed With NYT Co. Investment
Fitz: While analysts John Janedis welcomed the investment, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services was unmoved Tuesday by news that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim Helu is pumping $250 million into The New York Times Co.
S&P said it was keeping its BB- speculative-grade rating on its debt, and the “negative” outlook suggesting a further downgrade could be in the works.

Anonymous said...

Concerning McClatchy's stock fall: it's always good to see bad things happen to bad people.