Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Denver unions agree to 11.7 percent wage and benefits cut -- plan includes pay cut, unpaid furlough, suspension of 401k match, cuts in sick days

Unions representing workers at the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News have reached a tentative agreement on wage and benefit cuts that average 11.7 percent. The agreement includes salary reductions averaging 7 percent, 10 unpaid days off for most workers, the suspension of the 401(k) match, cuts in sick days and mileage reimbursements, and increases in health and dental premiums. A vote will be held in March.

That will be important news at the Sacramento Bee Newspaper Guild, which is now negotiating with Bee management.



Anonymous said...

Kind of like the little Dutch boy finger thingy.

The union sucks a little less blood until the dike busts wide open.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what the average days wages are that they are saving for 10 days. A contract like that is beginning to look like free labor.

Things are bad all over now though. The yacht docked next to mine told their entire crew that they were welcome to live on board rent free with meals provided, but all checks would stop as of next week. I never heard of anything like this in my life.

Anonymous said...

Union have no clout in bad economic times - like now. Either they accept cuts and salary reductions or the job disappears. The company is holding all the cards and they're aces.

Anonymous said...

Unions have no clout since people got tricked into, "Right to Work" laws.

Laws that McClatchy and her collaborating fellow publishers spent thousands of gallons of ink to have installed.

Anonymous said...

Unions take Whacks! You add all those cutbacks together, and that is a whack, not a few cuts. The newspapers have the upper hand, take a whack, or take the highway. Take your choice union members, but I think the day of newspaper unions is over. I am not sure freelance writing is conducive to collective bargaining.