Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Embarrassed by new media, Kansas City Star finally publishes story on columnist arrested for DUI

After getting scooped by new media, the Kansas City Star finally tells readers about Rhonda Lokeman's DUI arrest.
A former Kansas City Star columnist who is married to the newspaper’s publisher faces a March court date for allegedly driving under the influence.

A Kansas City police officer stopped Rhonda C. Lokeman, 50, about 10:15 p.m. Jan. 1 near 30th Street and Gillham Road because she was driving without headlights and on a front rim that was missing its tire, according to a police report.

Lokeman reportedly refused to perform field sobriety tests and take a breathalyzer test. She told police she had consumed one glass of wine in her art studio that afternoon, the report said.

Police cited her for driving under the influence, careless driving and driving without headlights turned on. Her court date was set for March 23.

She filed a civil suit in January to prevent state officials from revoking her driver’s license for refusing the breathalyzer test. An April hearing is set in that case. The Star could not reach her for comment.

Lokeman worked for The Star until April 2008, about a month after her husband, Mark Zieman, became publisher. Her syndicated column continued to appear in The Star until she retired after her Dec. 28 column.

First reaction: jeez, how hammered do you have to be to drive around with no headlights and on a front rim missing its tire?? Second: no mention of the blogs (first me, then Will not be televised, then Tony's Kansas City) beating Lokeman/Zieman's own paper to the story. Third: what's this about Lokeman retiring after her Dec. 28 column?? Last I checked (this morning) Lokeman was still listed on the Star's web site as a columnist. Sounds like a retroactive retirement to me.


Anonymous said...

You guys ROCK! Keep up the good work.

Have any MNI Marxists now asked for jobs with you?

Anonymous said...

So I take it there's no layoff news to report if this is all we're talking about today? I guess that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Lokeman is 50? Did she also get charged with lying on her drivers license?

She looks 60 if she a day. Mr. Booze taint been kind to her.

But it's a first offense right (wink, wink)?

Anonymous said...

Probably also did a minor hit and run, and the cops couldn't find the car or object she hit.

Caught fleeing the scene with her lights our.

Perfect role model for the great paper.

Anonymous said...

Also saw this:


and this


Anonymous said...

"I was taught when I was a young reporter that it's news when we say it is. I think that's still true -- it's news when 'we' say it is. It's just who 'we' is has changed"

David Carr (b. 1956), US Journalist. CNN "Reliable Sources", Sunday, August 10, 2008.

Anonymous said...

How embarrassing is it for a "journalist" to learn of criminal charges against your own publishers wife and fellow employee, from a blogger 1500 miles away? Especially when the charges are a matter of public record just a few blocks down the street!

Anonymous said...

Here is a comment at the KC Red Scar:
"I wonder how long the publisher would have kept this under wraps had the blogger in Sacramento not reported it? Too bad he didn't receive credit or mention."

The people in KC know what is going on, the wimpy Z-man is treading water.

Anonymous said...

The KC bloggers are brutal, take no prisoners type guys. Rhonda is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Whoya gonna call help this time Zee?

Anonymous said...

"...Especially when the charges are a matter of public record just a few blocks down the street!"

That is an excellent thought. Why was that covered up? What else has been kept under wraps? Once the honesty is gone, the questions start gaining speed.

Anonymous said...

If you are interested, this is public information.

To reach Rhonda Chriss Lokeman, send e-mail to


Anonymous said...

To Rhonda Chriss Lokeman, e-mail to RCLCreators@kc.rr.com

Rhonda, now that the world sees you for who you really are, inclusive of your leaching off the MNI troth, Are you still, for the first time, proud of America?

What will you do when you’re not on the MNI dole like all the other
"journalists" that were laid off?

Are you up for lunch? Cocktails on me!


Anonymous said...

The KC bloggers are brutal, take no prisoners type guys.

No kidding. Get a load of this exchange:

Yeah, she has a good life.. she's boppin the boss..... Posted by Searching

Searching - you mean she WAS. Apparently, now he cannot even "reach her for comment". That's the real tragedy....Posted by Jellybean

Brutal, but a refined and enlightened sense of humor, Id say!