Thursday, February 5, 2009

McClatchy Interactive gets a corporate form letter, too!

A reader sent me a copy of the letter to McClatchy Interactive. MI got the corporate form letter like everybody else. Here is how it starts:

To: All Employees
From: Chris Hendricks
From: Fraser Van Asch
Subject: McClatchy Announcement
Date: Feb. 5, 2009

This morning, McClatchy announced....

No need for me to print the whole thing because it's the same letter everybody else got. But I will print the end of the letter because it's so annoying:
...I hope we can continue to count on you. Thank you for all you do.



Anonymous said...

Why exactly would you expect a different letter at every paper? The news is the same everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Yes, even the most inept turd deserves to hear from his own publisher, in his own words exactly how he plans to sacrifice the many to save himself.

It isn't like his job is hard, or he is doing much other than searching for his wife for comment after all.

If that is the man that is charged with saving the required amount in his own way, his employees deserve for him to have the integrity to give them something other than a fucking form letter.

Anonymous said...

The form letter is the work of Heather F. in corporate HR earnings that huge check. Nice job Heather!

Anonymous said...

The use of a form letter just shows they have no plan. They take money from the good to pay the debts of the losers. The A form plan is total failure for all. The B form plan is total failure for all.