Monday, February 2, 2009

Poll: will McClatchy file bankruptcy this year? (bumped)

Will McClatchy file bankruptcy in 2009?
That's above my pay grade free polls

UPDATE: I should have given credit to the anonymous commenter who had the idea to run this poll.


Anonymous said...

Yes, they will file for bankruptcy. The best part will be when the Sacramento Bee's Melanie Sill writes an article in the Sunday paper telling how it is a good thing, and why subscribers will have to pay more. That is her pattern every time the Bee cuts the quality and size of the paper. Then they wonder why they lose subscribers to their left leaning rag.

Anonymous said...

Bankruptcy would be a start at least. I'm not going to read Melanie Sill's little spin piece. She is one of these old school editors that writes gunk I just can’t read. Not long ago she tried to defend Howard Weaver for writing the ‘F’ word. Her reasoning why his frustration was justified was so lame, it was something a comic could use for laughs. She was awful at the N & O, and she is even worse at the Sac Bee. No, that would not be possible.

McClatchy is full of these has been, or never was types. I love it when they roll out their list of awards. You know, the ones they make up, and trade back and forth. Geez, who do they think they are kidding, a kidder? It is too late to clean house Pru, the house is on fire, as Howard would say.

Anonymous said...

Memo to McClatchy: "A Blueprint to Success" still remains posted on your web site. Please remove before going bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

Instead of working through a bankruptcy period, I wonder if a clean cut from print media, and unemployment benefits, might be better than furloughs from a dying profession. At least employees could be training, or looking for a new job. Turning journalists out into this rotten job market is a brutal punishment, but keeping them hanging in a false world might be worse. The companies don’t want to pay their share of unemployment benefits. Right?

Anonymous said...

The longer they delay it the better. The longer the current leadership is allowed to bleed the company the greater the chance of a Chapter 7 liquidation.

Chapter 11 would allow them to screw their debtors, employees and pensioners, while continuing operations as usual.

This company needs to cease to exist in any recognizable form.

nick said...

This thing will dip below 50 cents this week Gary Pruitt, CEO AND Chairman of the Board, should be terminated immediately. His decision to buy Knight Ridder has crippled this company, the large amount of total overhanging debt has strangled all future prospects of a rebound in equity price