Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anchorage Daily News renting out empty space

Somehow I missed this news from last month:
From: Doyle, Pat
Sent: Fri 2/20/2009
To: DL-AnchStaff
Subject: Just a quick note to everyone

I want you to know that I am looking into renting/leasing a portion of our building space since we seem to have more than enough at this point. I will be bringing potential renters/realtors through the building in coming weeks. The paper is not for sale, but we will benefit from leasing some of the space. Feel free to ask me or your manager about it if you have any questions.


Lots of available space at McClatchy buildings across the chain.


Anonymous said...

Word is that layoffs have begun in Modesto.

Apparently four sportswriters have been canned today.

Anonymous said...

I just heard from a good source that cuts will begin Thursday in Anchorage.

Anonymous said...

One Anchorage copy editor has announced on Facebook tonight that he has lost his job. I expect it is the first. No word on if we are meeting tomorrow or not...

Anonymous said...

As a member of the
ADN refugee camp myself, I find this very sad.

Denny, Alaska said...

The ADN's collapse can't come soon enough. The "All Anti-Palin, All The Time" meme long agro ran its course.

Anonymous said...

The State has a sign out in front of the building to lease our excess space. The building and parking lot are so empty, it's like a ghost town.