Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Five newspapers are in penny stock territory

Scripps slipped under $1 a share Monday, bringing to 5 the number of newspapers trading in penny stock territory:

  • Scripps 99 cents
  • Belo 98 cents
  • McClatchy 47 cents
  • Lee 39 cents
  • GateHouse 8 cents



Anonymous said...

What about Morris?

Anonymous said...

Don’t they say, “A penny here, a penny there, and it starts to add up”

Oops, I think they said that about Billions, not pennies.

"Brother, can you spare a dime?"

Anonymous said...

3/3 10:30
MNI Swimming In the Deep Red Sea


▼ 42Ȼ

Anonymous said...

Die MSM Die!

And have a nice day.

Anonymous said...


I think the cat's 1980s trust fund is doing just fine ... oh, you mean Morris Communications.

Ha! That's a sinking ship. If you're a worker there (what few are left), save yourselves. There goes a rat. There goes another with a life vest. There goes a rodent wearing "Billy Junior"-model swim flippers. The Morris ship is going down real fast.

Cue the song, Celine Dion ...

Anonymous said...

Misery loves company!
Life is a Bitch, Ain’t It?

S&P cuts Gannett's rating to junk status of 'BB'

GCI = $2.29 11:14am 03/03/2009

Anonymous said...

Star Telegram is fixing to start saving pennies big time while waiting for another layoff shoe to drop (how many legs does this animal have?) Some potential departees are training their replacement from across the big waters and the rack price of the paper just doubled!

If we all do our part with a smile......some of us may be left to do the work of many.

Anonymous said...

Add up ALL five, and you still don't get the cost of a Sunday Paper. Fancy that!

Anonymous said...

On the bright side, after Obama and President Pelosi get done with our economy our wage scales will be attractive for companies in India to outsource in this direction.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy life without the press.
"Get thee behind me."

Anonymous said...


Obama lied; the economy died

"(Obama) doesn't like America the way it has been since its founding....If you don't know that, you don't yet know Barack Obama."