Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday April 27 -- Got news or an update?

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H. Michael Sarkisian said...

McClatchy Losses Widen

The McClatchy Company, Inc. (NYSE: MNI) reported 1Q09 financial results that showed ad revenue in free-fall as the company scrambles to cut costs to plug growing losses. The report by the nation's third largest newspaper company reflects the dire state of the industry, where bankruptcies and closures occur almost weekly.

The publisher of 80 newspapers including the Miami Herald and Sacramento Bee, said adjusted EPS from continuing operations fell to a loss of $0.28 in 1Q09 from a small profit of $0.03 in 1Q08. The loss was far greater than expected but estimates have lost meaning in an industry in crises.

Anonymous said...

“Free fall?” Did that read, “FREE FALL?”

And all this time I thought MNI was actually some tyupe of governmental agency who didn’t have to (and still doesn’t) care about profits? You mean profits count? No!

What will these teabagging DNC hacks try next? Since they’d rather be caught dead than report unbiased news, I thing they should get their wish, and simply go kaput

Anonymous said...

-U.S. Reporter Jailed in Iran in 'Bad Condition'-
Fox News

TEHRAN, Iran — An American journalist jailed by Iran on charges of spying for the United States "is in bad condition," her father said Monday, almost a week after she went on hunger strike.
I do not have sympathy for her as a journalist, she knew her credentials were revoked, and it was her decision to play the sneak. I do feel sympathy for any American imprisoned in another country. There are hundreds of horror stories to base rational fear of wrongdoing while away from your homeland.

Anonymous said...


Top 25 Papers in Daily Circ in new FAS-FAX

NEW YORK Here are the top 25 daily newspapers ranked by circulation for the six months ending March 2009 according to ABC. The percent change compares daily circulation for the same period ending in March 2008. Please note daily averages are Monday through Friday.
See our separate main story on overall circ results:
USA TODAY -- 2,113,725 – (-7.46%)
WALL STREET JOURNAL -- 2,082,189 -- 0.61%
L.A. TIMES -- 723,181 -- (-6.55%)
WASHINGTON POST -- 665,383 -- (-1.16%)
NEW YOK DAILY NEWS -- 602,857 -- (-14.26%)
NEW YORK POST -- 558,140 -- (-20.55%)
CHICAGO TRIBUNE -- 501,202 -- (-7.47%)
HOUSTON CHRONICLE -- 425,138 -- (-13.96%)
ARIZONA REPUBLIC -- 389,701 -- (-5.72%)
DENVER POST (02/28/2009 to 03/31/2009) -- 371,728 -- N/A
NEWSDAY -- 368,194 -- (-3.01%)
DALLAS MORNING NEWS -- 331,907 -- (-9.88%)
MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE -- 320,076 -- (-0.71%)
CHICAGO SUN-TIMES -- 312,141 -- (-0.04%)
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- 312,118 -- (-15.72%)
BOSTON GLOBE -- 302,638 -- (-13.68%)
CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER -- 291,630 -- (-11.70%)
DETROIT FREE PRESS -- 290,730 -- (-5.90%)
PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER -- 288,298 -- (-13.72%)
ST. PETERSBURG TIMES -- 283,093 -- (-10.42%)
OREGONION -- 268,512 -- (-11.76%)
ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION -- 261,828 -- (-19.91%)
SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE -- 261,253 -- (-9.53%)

Anonymous said...

@ Editor & Publisher
Washington State Legislature Approves Tax Break -- for Newspapers
The deep blue state can’t let their DNC mouth organs go down the tubes, how would they keep Democrats in office?

Anonymous said...

*Steep Circulation Losses*
@ Editor & Publisher
New FAS-FAX Shows (More) Steep Circulation Losses
The Audit Bureau of Circulations released the spring figures for the six months ending March 31, 2009, showing that the country's largest metros continue to shed daily and Sunday circulation. Some major papers lost 15% or more. The Wall Street Journal somehow gained slightly.
- April 27, 2009 7:45 AM ET

Anonymous said...

What the hey?

New York Post drops 20 percent! Where ARE you guys? Why aren't you subscribing?

I KNEW if they alienated half of their readership, they'd go down!

Anonymous said...

Re: Tax breaks for newspapers-
The Washington state media is just the Democrat’s propaganda source! Washington State is not about to give that up. It will go from tax breaks to subsidies if needed to prop up the corpses. The media allowed three recounts for governor until the Dem won with little comment. Mystery ballots were later counted because ’EVERY’ vote is important. Odd how our military votes are fought by the Dems NOT to count on some technically or another.

Anonymous said...

Leftists and newsies gather to decide spin, and are granted anonymity? Cozy is not quite the right word for this subterfuge, IMO.
-What's the journalistic benefit of Atlantic owner's off-the-record dinners?-

Washington Post
David Bradley's catered gatherings for journalists and newsmakers sound rather cozy, writes Howard Kurtz, "like some secret-handshake gathering of an entrenched elite. Are the top-level officials, strategists and foreign leaders there for serious questioning or risk-free spin sessions? And what exactly is the journalistic benefit if the visitors are protected by a shield of anonymity?"

Anonymous said...

G. D. Gearino is going on hiatus. He says to keep the bear from the door. I was sad when he left the N & O, and I am just as sad again. I well imagine blogging is time consuming, and the inane comments by trolls, just ruins the discussion for everyone. He was entertaining, and I enjoyed his sharp wit. I think lack of compensation, and blog burnout, will thin the blogging ranks regularly.

Anonymous said...

-40 'Star-Ledger' Buyout-Takers Launch News Site-

The site is currently posting about eight to 10 original items per day, along with other linked material. "We have some names who have been covering some beats for 20 or 25 years," Co-creator Matt Romanoski said. At least 40 former Star-Ledger scribes are on the new venture, - April 27, 2009 2:55 PM ET

Anonymous said...

-'Jersey Journal' Guild Closes Offices as Paper Raises Price-
E & P
By Joe Strupp

NEW YORK The reorganization plan announced two weeks ago to keep The Jersey Journal of Jersey City publishing was apparently not enough to keep its local newspaper guild office open.

With the layoffs of 17 employees --including five in the newsroom -- as part of the plan, guild leaders say they have only seven local members left, not enough to meet the $425 monthly rent on their nearby office.

Anonymous said...

"Jersey Journal" 7 members at $425

Hmm, if they had just teabagged for the UAW, instead of CPUSA, they'd still be in business.

Anonymous said...

-Obituary-Writing Society Announces Award Winners-
Winner chosen for their best body of work.
There is an award for everybody in the newspaper business. The ‘Dumpster Diving’ award is next. The award trophy has a shiny little dumpster sitting atop a heap of brass garbage. The word is, the ADN has a lock on this award. However, the KC Star has a foul column by Lokeman in the running. Don’t dispair, Lokeman wrote as if the gutter was her inspiration. Perhaps the ‘Gutter Awards’ will give Rhonda new life?

Anonymous said...

-Boston Globe Unionized Employees Rally to Save Their Publication, Jobs-

“We'll all have to sacrifice to save the paper," [snip] …they want us to take a 23 percent bullet. Hey, that's not fair. Shame on the New York Times Company.”

More and Pictues @

Anonymous said...

Washington State’s media corruption is well known. It is just when the corrupt are in power, any means to stay in power is viewed by the left as justified. The environmental extremists have run the state until it stinks with hypocrisy. When their foolishness ruins the aerospace industry, and the state runs out all their ‘villains’ to sue, what company will be left to pay for the environmentalist’s attorneys huge incomes? The new ‘Green’ companies?!