Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday April 25 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

-Earth Day vs. Tea Parties — Suddenly, the Press Could Care Less About Turnout-

"It’s hard to criticize Earth Day. It’s a day when literally ______ people get out there and celebrate Mother Nature. Yes, I said ______ people because we have no idea how many people actually attended. Why? Because none of the top media outlets bothered to ask.

That spin has Earth Day supporters filling in the blanks with lots of touchy-feely stories and no numbers while the media had the tea parties down for the count despite claims of around 1 million attendees."
Fox News - Dan Gainor
Even the most leftist journalist must realize this sort of selective reporting is totally contrary to honest journalism. While the press tried to downgrade every tea party size, they just ignored dismal Earth Day support by leaving out the numbers. Why should this sort of reporting be valuable to anyone? Honest journalism should be the new media model, plain and simple honesty.

John Altevogt said...

Ode to a real journalist.

"This writer has many longtime friends associated with St. Luke's Hospital, including doctors, board members and strong supporters. It is not pleasant to test these friendships and perhaps burn some bridges by questioning or opposing the efforts and actions of St. Luke's. However, the public certainly deserves to know what is going on, to know about the secret meetings, the damage to the hospital and KUMC, the hollowness of numerous threats made to KU Hospital officials, and the giveaway to St. Luke's at the expense of KU Hospital.

This is the role of a newspaper."

This was written by Dolph SImons Jr. the publisher of the Lawrence Journal World writing about the attempts by Kansas' corrupt governor Kathleen Sebeljevich to loot KU Hospital in favor of her paymasters in Missouri.

The Journal World was the only paper to confront Sebeljevich on this issue and Simons did it writing from a community that is one of the Democrat Party's strongholds in Kansas. This is a paper, and a journalist, worth reading. This is truth to power.

Anonymous said...

CNN gutter talk complaint awaits review at FCC | Bob Unruh

“The Federal Communications Commission will review complaints it receives over the on-camera gutter talk of anchors for CNN and MSNBC that came as they condemned the tea party movement…”
Where was the media outrage when gutter talk was aimed at American citizens involved in a legal form of protest? Hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

NPR Cutbacks Include 13 Layoffs

Washington Post ^ | April 24, 2009 | Paul Farhi
National Public Radio said yesterday it will lay off 13 employees and furlough all of its employees for five days over the next five months in the latest round of belt-tightening by the Washington-based organization…..
Only a total lay off will satisfy me on this out-of-touch, useless, news organization. NPR should not receive taxpayer subsidies. Let them sink or swim just like the other Democrat mouth organs.

Anonymous said...

Union concession, *Expanded freelance*
-Star Tribune newsroom leaders agree to furloughs, $1.7 million in comp cuts-
I think expanded freelance is the concession to watch. Why would they even consider bringing back former employees w/bennies? They won’t!

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newsroom staffers approve 6.6% pay cut

Milwaukee Business Journal

The vote was 86 to 46. If Milwaukee Newspaper Guild members hadn't approved the proposal on Thursday, Journal Sentinel was prepared to lay off more newsroom staffers at the end of April.

Anonymous said...

To the above poster(s), thank you for the news about “newspapers!”

Ironically, honest introspection, as opposed to perez hilton filth, isn’t even expected from papers these days. So I have to come here to read about real newspaper news.

Also, as I have said many times here before, to all the real, American journalists and newspaper workers, I am sorry for what is happening to you and your jobs.

But to all the leftist filth that have bastardized and bankrupted your work there, I toast you by spitting at you, as you properly disappear into well deserved obscurity.

Anonymous said...

To the owner of this blog, I just noticed the Brooks Brothers advertisement!

You sir, as your new sponsor are Class Acts. Many times, the news and the advertiser, in a historical context, don’t make sense (ABC-perez hilton types, soon to be advertising teabags)

But you and Brooks Brothers, is the perfect match. Bravo, and nice work from both of you.

Anonymous said...

Terrorist attack is mostly un-reported? Terrorism is alive and well in the USA. Why wasn’t this news headline front and center? This article is chilling!
A Cyber-Attack On An American City
Bruce Perens|Apr. 25, 2009
Just after midnight on Thursday, April 9, unidentified attackers climbed down four manholes serving the Northern California city of Morgan Hill and cut eight fiber cables in what appears to have been an organized attack on the electronic infrastructure of an American city.[Its implications, though startling, have gone almost un-reported.]

Anonymous said...

New York Times Company Foundation closes up shop.

An internal memo just went out at the Times from NYT Co. vice chairman Michael Golden. “It is with sadness that I write to tell you that The New York Times Company Foundation is suspending grant making and the matching gifts program. This includes the grant making of The Boston Globe Foundation.”

Anonymous said...

The first thing they teach you in journalism school is to get a subscription to The New York Times.

... since The Collected Works of Josef Goebbels is out of print.

It’s also the final thing they really need to teach you.

... because if they're that stupid, you don't have anything to learn from them anyway.

Anonymous said...

A chart for You Tube views has the Obama inauguration at 86,547,121, and the UK’s Susan Boyle at 290,013,837.
Well, there are manufactured rock stars, and then there are people-chosen rock stars, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Why the New York Times Co. will be sold.

Commentary: By now, a sale is a matter of when, not if By Jon Friedman, MarketWatch

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Something unexpected occurred Tuesday night when I served as a panelist at a New York Financial Writers Association gathering.

At one point, the moderator, the redoubtable Myron Kandel, asked me to assess the future of the New York Times Co. NYT) Taking a deep breath, as if to acknowledge the gravity of the issue, I predicted that the Times Co.'s woes would intensify.

The stock price, I intoned, would fall so low that an opportunistic buyer, eager to obtain the Times' prestige and influence, would swoop in. This was no longer a case of if. It was simply a matter of when. I then suggested that if the suitor was not to the Times' liking, eventually a white knight -- Bloomberg L.P., to be exact -- would be invited to take control.

Bloomberg offers the Times ample prestige of its own, thanks largely to the strong reputations of its founder Michael Bloomberg, who is currently serving his second term as New York mayor, and its news executive Norman Pearlstine, the former top editor of magazine publisher Time Inc. and The Wall Street Journal. (The Journal, like MarketWatch, the publisher of this column, is owned by News Corp.

Even though the sales of Bloomberg's trademark terminals have slowed, owing to the hard times on Wall Street, the cash-rich company still has the resources and the ambition to do the deal.

But you know what? Nobody in the audience the other night seemed terribly moved much by my assertion. I have to admit I secretly envisioned a scene in which there would be collective dropped jaws, gasps or, at the very least, raised eyebrows. In this room filled with working journalists and media junkies alike, it was as if the sale of the Times was a foregone conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers have become the Fifth Estate.
Slice it, dice it, whatever you like, but it won’t change the fact. How to profitably join in the revolution is the question.
J-schools need a complete makeover to face the future of journalism. I am not sure they have even grasp the current situation. Check out some of the false promises they still advertise for new students. It is disgusting as experienced top journalist loose their jobs.

Anonymous said...


EXCLUSIVE: Time Spent at Many Newspaper Sites Declined in March
By Jennifer Saba

NEW YORK The average time spent per person at the dropped by six minutes in March 2009 compared to the same period a year ago. The has some company: The Wall Street Journal lost more than five minutes March 2009. So did Politico.

In fact, just over half of the top 30 newspaper Web sites (ranked by uniques) experienced declines in the average time spent per person

Anonymous said...


Newspaper Web site -- March '09 (hour:minute:second) -- March '08 -- 0:31:12 -- 0:37:14 -- 0:17:55 -- 0:11:26 -- 0:15:58 -- 0:16:14
Wall Street Journal Online -- 0:09:34 -- 0:14:49
LA Times -- 0:06:57 -- 0:07:38 -- 0:15:23 -- 0:11:40
Daily News Online Edition -- 0:05:51 -- 0:08:36
Chicago Tribune -- 0:08:38 -- 0:07:16 Francisco Chronicle -- 0:12:24 -- 0:10:13
New York Post -- 0:10:33 -- 0:08:49 - The Dallas Morning News -- 0:04:05 -- 0:04:51
The Houston Chronicle -- 0:22:23 -- 0:28:40
Newsday -- 0:08:22 -- 0:03:52
Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- 0:20:43 -- 0:11:23
Politico -- 0:10:04 -- 0:15:11

Chicago Sun-Times -- 0:06:55 -- 0:11:04 -- 0:02:41 -- 0:03:10
Star Tribune -- 0:32:34 -- 0:33:02
The Seattle Times -- 0:07:06 -- 0:11:34
International Herald Tribune -- 0:04:30 -- 0:02:47 -- 0:07:38 -- 0:11:31
Orlando Sentinel -- 0:07:57 -- 0:04:19 -- 0:10:25 -- 0:13:23
The Washington Times -- 0:04:32 -- 0:04:39
The News & Observer -- 0:10:00 -- 0:07:18 -- 0:13:44 -- 0:06:19 -- 0:07:24 -- 0:10:36 -- 0:04:41 -- 0:05:06 -- 0:06:06 -- 0:05:30 -- 0:10:44 -- 0:09:22

Anonymous said...

“Touchdown bylines” What the hell is that about?
This was an anonymous comment to a blogger’s piece about the NYT situation, so I am not sure any credit is needed. I am just questioning the validity of the statements, if anyone knows about such things.
“Tough for me to admit as well, but I kind of agree. what about the Times’ policy of “touchdown bylines?” Essentially, a story is reported and written without travel costs, then [the reporter flies to whatever location and barely leaves the airport] simply to give the story a local dateline? .”

Anonymous said...

-How e-Pulitzers Can Elevate Journalism-
This week's announcement of the journalism Pulitzer Prizes -- usually a welcome jolt for the ailing American newspaper business -- fell short of delivering the transfusion that is needed to bring the awards into the 21st century. In fact, the Pulitzers spoke hardly at all to the generations that now tap their news from a computer keyboard, or thumb it out of a cellphone.
Source: Christian Science Monitor.

Anonymous said...

Well, now I may have to stop buying Brooks Bros....

The blog is fine. The comments section is scary. Every day.

Hey guys, your boy David Duke is back in the news:

Anonymous said...

"Stop firing Black journalists." So, who gets fired is as plain as black & white, again!
Black Journalists Slashed from Newsrooms at Alarming Rate
Thursday, 23 April 2009

Newsroom jobs held by Black journalists were cut by an alarming 13.5 percent in 2008, making African-Americans the single most targeted group for job losses in newsrooms across the country according to a study released by ASNE, the American Society of News Editors.

“While NABJ recognizes the current economic downturn, newspapers must stop the bloodletting of Black journalists now,” said NABJ President Barbara Ciara. [“It is unconscionable that this industry is willing to jeopardize the accuracy, integrity and bottom line of its publications.”]

Anonymous said...

“Toe-tap or touchdowns arose out of well intentioned convenience for harried and hard-traveling foreign corros and eventually transformed into the practice of lazy journalists.”

Anonymous said...

As a right winger, I can't stand duke. But I love Brooks Brother suits!

P.S. The last time you bought a Brooks Brother suit, or a suit for that matter...was NEVER

Anonymous said...

Where is the press? Where are the so-called government watchdogs?
“Change You Can Believe In,” all right!
Gore pleads for unity on climate, despite divide...

Democrats Refuse to Allow Skeptic to Testify…

Anonymous said...

Still connecting Duke to conservatives, but not Bill Ayers to liberals is lame. That is such an old saw, why don’t you get into the new media?
There are plenty of questionable individuals on both sides to cite, but individuals is the key word. To perpetuate that sort of image as conclusive is dishonest on your part. Besides, now that I know that the press does not print the truth, I don’t even believe what the press said about Duke, and I don’t really know who he is, or what they said.

Anonymous said...


Unemployment in Spain Hits 17.4%

MADRID — The number of unemployed people in Spain rose to a record four million in the first quarter as the economy continued to shed jobs created over the last decade by inexpensive credit and a real estate bubble.

The Spanish unemployment rate climbed to 17.4 percent, from 13.9 percent in the final quarter of 2008, or more than twice the European Union average, the National Statistics Institute said Friday. The 802,800 increase in the ranks of the jobless was the largest quarterly increase in more than 30 years.

“These figures are bad and worse than expected,” the finance minister, Elena Salgado, said. The sharp quarterly increase was a sign of “how severe and how deep the crisis is,” she said.

Anonymous said...

The first thing they teach you in journalism school is to get a subscription to The New York Times.


Silly. That is for your creative writing portion of the curricula!

Anonymous said...

Is Obama Patient Zero or did Obama get it from Michelle?

Anonymous said...

Oh please, please, please say Obama bowed before him, held his hand then kissed him before picking his nose!

MAS1916 said...

The fifth estate is indeed the blogosphere... It is the last refuge of the First Amendment.

CBS discovered after they hired Couric that their problem wasn't performance based - it was in fact credibility.

The NYT is devoid of credibility and is therefore condemned to the junk heap.

Anonymous said...

7:39, where is the Brooks Brothers ad...?