Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Email of the day (updated)

This was part of an email that landed in my box today...
"... You want to delete my post you sissy punk m********? Well let me tell you right now, you f***** up! I'll take care of this asap so be ready you f****** peice of s*** lowlife.
Your worst f****** nightmare...."

I actually don't find this funny. His email provider has been notified.

Update: The guy uses Yahoo for email... Apparently Yahoo takes threats and harassment seriously.


Anonymous said...


Just remember man, this is a haven for pissed off people who some of which lost there jobs and a lot more.Some of these folks may be beyond just venting on a blog. Do not release any personal information!

Thats for goes for everyone!


John Altevogt said...

Now you've got the ticket.

I talked to Frances Semler today. Frances is the 73 year old Grandma and rose gardener who was appointed to the park board in KCMO. This is a board with Hispanics, blacks, homosexuals, you name it, but because Grandma Semler believes in upholding the rule of law Th Star launched into a hate campaign designed to drive her from her position.

For weeks they wrote one trumped up article after another, one column after another, one blog after another and multiple cartoons a day fron Leel Judge's blog (before it was canceled) until they drove her off the board.

So how does The Star treat Frances Semler when she asks to do an As I See It column (app 450 - 600 word guest column) to respond to The Star's avalanche of hate?

The Star told her that they weren't interested in giving her an As I See It column but that they "might" consider a letter to the editor (150 - 300 words).

Since our trolls like that system, perhaps that's the model we need. After every few hundred thousand words written by conservatives on MW, libs would be allowed 150 words to respond before we moved on and repeated the process.

Anonymous said...

Most of the MNI employees that post here pass along information when there is something to report. The conservative posters saw what the dishonest media did to elect Obama, and they are entitled to their opinions as well. The garbage posts we see are from whackjobs that haunt blogs for sport. The sickos must be stopped at the get-go, or they ruin blogging for everyone. I am guessing the insanity revealed in the e-mail is just the stronger version of what we have been witnessing in posts for quite awhile.

Anonymous said...

“this is a haven for pissed off people”

I don’t agree, this is a blog that announces it is posting from the conservative point of view. It is not a haven for liberal nutcases. A few childish posters to not a haven make. Statements like that remind me of the liberal media always trying to tell others what to think. It only works on the hopelessly uninformed.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a moderate Democrat.

McClatchy Watch said...

Speaking of Frances Semler -- if anybody can send me a link -- or a JPeg image -- of Lee Judge's cartoon slam on Frances Semler, I'd like to see it.

John Altevogt said...

There were multiple cartoons, sometimes even within the same day. The problem is that they fired Lee and took down his blog. Then they hired him back and no blog.

If someone can find these and send a link, I can get the screen shots. The cartoons were just a small part of the hate leveled at this courageous woman.

In addition a pack of local libs actually went over to her house - her house - in another attempt to intimidate her.

Let me encourage you to contact a federal prosecutor with regard to what's going on here on your blog, particularly the posts from this fruitcake I think cross the line into criminal conduct and it should be prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

One dollar says this is the same nut job that is forever yelling about imaginary death threats. Find the IP adress for Corcoran State Prison (PC Unit) and I'll bet you got your...."man"

Anonymous said...

One thing the nutcases can do to a blog is plant a racist post, a liberal will pick up on that post, and write on another blog that this is a hate filled blog. I have seen comments that say this is a hate site, they copy and paste a sick comment as if it came from the average poster here. That is what they do to discredit any blog that provides opinions and facts contrary to their political agenda. That is why their posts must be deleted. Even if the next posts expose them for what they are, the sick posts are passed into the Internet as truth, and the sickos high five their mission accomplished plan. In MOO.