Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) at the Anchorage Daily News

The following was posted in the editorial blog section on the Anchorage Daily News web site:

News that Sarah Palin signed a book deal has piqued the imagination of an unknown humorist, who produced this list of potential titles that's circulating on the Internet:

Sent: Tuesday, 12 May, 2009 12:22 PM
Subject: RE: Sarah Palin Book Title Poll

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has signed a deal with HarperCollins to publish a memoir in the spring of 2010. The book will chronicle both her political and personal life.

Here are some of the top suggestions (for the

“On The Bridge to Nowhere”
“Also Ran”
“Getting Back To Ya On That”
"Thanks, But No Thanks"
“The Perils of Caribou Barbie”
"Confessions Of A Neiman Marxist"
“The Media Didn't Want Me to Write This Book”
“The Lyin', The Witch, And The Wardrobe”
"On A Clear Day, You Can See Russia"
"On a Wink and a Prayer"
“Maverick? You Betcha! Also.”
“Bible Spice: Word Salad Made Easy”
“The Overbearing Being of Lightness”
“The Conscience of a Moron”
“The Audacity of Hype”
“Malice in Wonderland”
“Sarah Palin: In What Respect?"
"Carpe Per Diem"
“Palin: Nailin' America”
'If I Did It: What the Story Would Be If I Knew What the Story Was Behind That Giant Stuffed Grizzly Bear On My Office Couch'
"Sarah, Plain and Mavericky"
“Withering Hype”
“Wink: The Power of Winking Without Thinking”
“Brain Freeze - The Untold Story of Sarah Palin”
“Northern Overexposure”
“A Series of Unfortunate Remarks”
“Rallying the Base: How I Helped America Hate Again”
“The Audacity of a Dope”
“Knocked Up: The Palin Family Story”
“Half-baked Alaskan”
“My Pet Moose”
"A Book Report, by Me, Sarah Palin"
“Tuesdays with Moron"
“A Shout Out to the Alaskan Third Graders!”
“Also…” and for the sequel “Also, too…”
“Failing Upward: The Sarah Palin Story”

The cretin at the ADN who posted this is a coward: it is unsigned.


Anonymous said...
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John Altevogt said...

Yes he is in the public arena signing his name to what he writes and to the blog. That's more than you and the punk at the Alaska newspaper have done with your crude and childish posts.

Kevin Gregory said...

The first comment was from an angry Palin-hater who couldn't make his point without profanity and a crude sexual comment. After deleting the profanity and crude sexual references, here is the gist of the comment:

"... You allow all sorts of homophobic, racist comments on your site and you get your undies all twisted up because you're a Palin groupie? ..."

What is it about left-wingers who don't understand the difference between what I say and what readers say in comments?

T. D. said...

Do you think if the editorial writer had passed on a similar list of titles attributed to Barack Obama, he/she would still have a job?

Of course, the way ADN is going, nobody there will have a job for long. Why bother to read that kind of non-newsworthy garbage? ADN circulation, down 5.5% for the daily and 10% for the Sunday just in the last six months tells the tale.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is lovely and articulate, but she's no John Altevogt. He's a Kansas City internet hero!

John Altevogt said...

Palin is one of my heroines. Her accomplishments are vastly beyond mine and I'm honored simply to be able to discuss them. I sincerely hope she runs for the presidency in 2012.

John Altevogt said...

"... You allow all sorts of homophobic, racist comments on your site"

Translation: I disagree with you.

Kevin Gregory said...

I have to say the assaults from the left this week have astonished me... what the elite media and left-wingers have done to Carrie Prejean and Sarah Palin is beyond the pale.

And the White House correspondents roast has always been about roasting the current president -- until this year when The Messiah was in office.

Wanda Sykes didn't use her monologue to roast Obama -- she spent her time slamming the previous administration and Rush Limbaugh... demented jokes about hoping Limbaugh dies and making cracks about him being the 20th hijacker. Obama and the elites thought it was a hoot.

The left is getting more angry and more intolerant.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord, I hope Palin runs, too. Maybe Cheney will run with her. Then, maybe the Republican National Committee will leave flaming bags of dog crap on the front porch of every American, and institute a policy of jabbing every voter in the eye with a Faber Mongol pencil

I swear, your party has a death wish.