Saturday, May 16, 2009

More than 3,000 newspaper advertisers to shut down

GM and Chrysler say they will shut down 3,158 dealers between them.

Some of dealerships will stay open in other forms, like used car dealerships, and will continue advertising in newspapers. But the advertising loss from closing down thousands of dealers will be massive.


Shark Girl said...

I have no sympathy for them. When a company mismanages their finances, they should be shut down, not bailed out.

As for the newspapers, I also have no sympathy. When you gear your news towards your advertiser's lobbying interest, you cease to be a fair and balanced news organization. Instead, you become a sophisticated "newsletter" for your advertisers, and nothing more.

You can call it a newspaper, but it isn't. It's a controlled source of information that only reports what your shareholders and advertisers want you to report. That's not news. That's what we call internal corporate newsletters.

It's just that newspapers are corporate information opened to the public.

I hope the newspapers crumble. They catered to their advertisers, now they can go down with them.

The majority of Americans still have moral values. The news and the corporations that control it, fail to represent "we the people" who are still able to think for ourselves and love the Constitution.

Anonymous said...

A very nice and refreshing post. Thank you SharkGirl!

Anonymous said...

Like a breath of fresh chum!

Anonymous said...

Shark Girl: You think the government has run amok now .... wait until there are no real reporters and only citizen journalism. iReporter doesn't have a clue how to get on the inside.
So, good luck with that. Hope it works out for ya.

Shark Girl said...

PG1News, I don't compromise on truth. Either you can speak it or you can't.

I would rather have no reporters than to have those that tip the scale to the advertisers, lawyers and lobbyists.

If you want reporters just to have them around, but don't care about what or how they report, so be it for you. I would rather have no reporters than to have those that aid the corruption and cover it up.

I'm not the right person for you to try to debate with over this. I don't back down.

I lost millions on contracts because I wouldn't take bribes or give up my company plans to the government's pet corporations.

I kept digging after a CBS affiliate employee told me I was digging in dangerous areas. I found who who was bidding on Knight Ridder and who won. I found out who owns and controls Gannet.

I watch as one news agency after another fails to report on the corruption going on at an Air Force Base because they're afraid the truth will create negative headlines.

They are cowards. They're afraid to lose their advertisers or their jobs so they'll trade corruption to keep their jobs.

I won't. I live in a little camper. I had a 4,000 sq ft home on 13 acres but refused to compromise truth.

So, again I'll say it. I have no sympathy for them. They can either report the truth and be fair about the news, or go down with their advertisers.

Anonymous said...

Wow ... catch your breath! All I'm saying is that when there are no more newspapers and no more CNN's ... you'll have to get your butt up to D.C., and find out your own information. But 9 times out of 10, people are too lazy to get the answers to their questions themselves. They want someone else to do it. Are you ready to do it full time for no pay?

Like I said ... hope it works out for ya.

And no need for another breathy response. You're on your own ... I get it. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

Shark Girl said...

And you're missing what I'm saying. It doesn't matter that the reporters have access in D.C. They STILL do not report anything that "we the people" should be hearing. They hear it, as reporters, but don't report it.

What they DO report is twisted information that tilts towards the Left-Wing views.

People tend to think news corporations are an independent think tank, or corporation. They aren't. They are propaganda funnels.

Anonymous said...

***It doesn't matter that the reporters have access in D.C. They STILL do not report anything that "we the people" should be hearing. They hear it, as reporters, but don't report it.
What they DO report is twisted information that tilts towards the Left-Wing views.***

And when you are doing this reporting full-time, as a public service for no pay, of hundreds of agencies and policy makers and lawmakers, how will we know that we can trust what you are reporting? And that you aren't tilting towards the right-wing viewpoint, or are being secretly paid by some entity to push its views?

Shark Girl said...

You bring up the point of this whole discussion. Please don't think I'm just talking about Left-Wing news. I'm also referring to Fox News or any conservative.

Truth is truth.

Newspapers should not be bailed out any more than other corporations are. Let's not is run by corporations. CORPORATIONS.

It isn't an independent industry. It's a corporation out to make a profit. It just so happens that news is their product, but advertisers are what they want.

When you rely on advertising dollars, and you can't stand on truth, you report what you're told to report.

Anonymous said...

This sounds familiar

The corporation is shutting down plants and laying people off to keep them afloat.

Anonymous said...

sharkgirl, I'm sorry but you are so misinformed I really feel sorry for you. If and when newspapers die and the journalism that they provide goes away I'm sure you will be the first whining, crying, pouting little baby when the government jams a pipe up your butt. "Oh, heavens! I never saw that coming. How could they do this to me?" Good luck and please don't come crying to us when you get that pipe lodged in your backside.

Anonymous said...

Shark Girl...morality has nothing to do with any of this. Are you mentally ill?

Anonymous said...

Shark Girl...morality has nothing to do with any of this. Are you mentally ill?

Here he goes again. Personal attacks to drive off people who identify themselves....or are we supposed to give him credit for finding a new target?

Anonymous said...

Shark Girl in 2012!!!

John Altevogt said...

Dear Shark Girl, welcome to McClatchy Watch don't let these childish little fascist trolls disturb you. Their goal is to ruin this blog and drive off folks like you so that the punks can control the dialog.

Go away you filthy little troll. Go back upstairs and tell your mommy to take care of you.

Amanda said...
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Anonymous said...

No one should be bailed out period. I don't care if you are left, right, or upside down, NO ONE SHOULD BE BAILED OUT.

As far as reporting goes EVERY reporter puts their slant on the truth.


It doesn't matter whether they are Dem or Rep, Left, or Right. They will inject their feelings/angles when reporting. It is human nature.

Short of someone doing bullet points it will always be this way. Of course maybe that is really what we need:

• Accused - White Male, 34 yrs old
• Victim - White Female, 33 years old
• Arrested for disorderly conduct

See, just the facts, nothing interjected like she called the police because she thought she was being abused and the police showed up to her million dollar mansion.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. The 3,000 dealers aren't the ones who asked for bailouts. It was the manufacturer. These dealers buy the cars from the automakers to have in inventory. That's what is so insane about all this The dealers aren't all in big cities, either. In some towns far from D.C., a car dealership is considered a large employer. Look up Gridley, Kansas, on this map.I'm just sayin'...

Journalism is dead.

Anonymous said...

As far as reporting goes EVERY reporter puts their slant on the truth.


Bald faced lie. If you do you're not a reporter. You're a propagandist and that doesn't include all reporters.

Anonymous said...

lol i rather hear about the next door neighbor being a rapist, but a left wing rapist./. rather than nothing at all.

sorry, i see your point but without news in any form you get what the government tells you.

there are other countries for folks like you, who cant see the bigger picture and like the government telling them all they need to know in life.

Anonymous said...

also, this is a capitalist country, facts alone does not sell, the story behind the facts does.

i can understand the hate for newspapers and other news media, but, the whole...i hope they all disapear, is a ignorant comment and one very much in the minority.

have a nice day

Anonymous said...

.i hope they all disapear, is a ignorant comment and one very much in the minority.

Then you have not been paying attention because it is not only not in the minority, the majority opinion according to numerous polls is that people couldn't care less if they do disappear.

Papers discarded their "watchdog" status in exchange for promoting their political dogma. Now they suffer the price and that price is public trust and confidence. Very few care if they go under. Many will celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, US newspapers have long ago shed tbeir reputation as "watchdogs" and are now pretty much the "lapdogs" of a certain political ideology and political party.

Anonymous said...

So who are ya gonna trust to tell you "the truth?" Your teenage neighbor with an iPhone? The guy down the block who is a registered sex offender and has a handy camcorder? Or the pretty little girl with pigtails across the street with her new digital camera?

And why would I trust you, Shark Girl? You've already proven to be biased.

Anonymous said...

Your teenage neighbor with an iPhone?If it's a choice between the teenager and Dan Rather, it's the teenager by a mile.

Anonymous said...

My bet is on the sex offender ... he knows everything about you.

Anonymous said...

most of you people are friggin idiots...oh sorry...let me clarify that...misinformed idiots.

Anonymous said...

....misinformed idiots.

Proof that they have been reading McClatchy newspapers.

If you don't read newspapers you're uniformed. If you do read newspapers, you're misinformed.

Bet he never really knew just how correct that would be in such a short time.

Anonymous said...

most of you people are friggin idiots...oh sorry...let me clarify that...misinformed idiots. I was not completely clear...sue me...I am a troll.

Shark Girl said...

Anonymous @ 4:57...the last thing I'll be saying is "I didn't see this coming."

Apparently, you haven't seen my blog. I have several cases going, as a pro se litigant, up against 14 lawyers, including the USDOJ. There isn't anything that can be thrown at me that I will say I didn't see coming. I know how the government works.

I also know how the media works. They don't want to report truth. In my situation, it's about BRAC. If you don't know what that is, Google it, or just continue being your ignorant self and lashing out at people because you can't carry on an intelligent conversation.

News reporters are cowards. They can only report what they're told to report. They don't have the guts to go out on a limb by themselves. They'll do what they're told so they can collect a pay check and get their name on a byline. It takes some one with guts to tell the truth and challenge stories.

I challenged the reporters and I won. I found out who their shareholders are and they had to shut their mouths because they know I'm right. They refused to report the news about corruption because it was THEIR shareholder involved in the corruption. They would have to tell on themselves. So they chose to tell lies in order to protect their shareholders.

I'm not hiding behind an anonymous nick like you are. And I won't back down or leave this blog either. There is nothing you can throw at me that the government hasn't already done to me.

What are you, a reporter? You must be if you're so concerned about what I say about newspapers going down.

I'll say it to you again...I hope the newspapers fail unless they get some guts and report the truth.

I would rather lose an advertiser than to compromise truth. Not to mention, I haven't bought a newspaper in years. By the time it hits the stands, it's old news.

Reporters are also old news. They need to go down with the mismanaged corporations.

Anonymous said...

Shark Girl for President!

Shark Girl said...

Anonymous @ 9:02 I'm not asking you to trust me. I don't own a news corporation and I'm not calling myself a reporter.

What I do is blog. I don't hold a law degree, nor do I work for a news agency.

I'm a civilian that got sick of the corruption and I fought back. I've been offered bribes to quit. I've been offered enough bribes to make me a wealthy woman.

You see, that's how the government and their pet corporations work.

You just have to make a determination in your own heart whom you're going to serve.

As for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord.

I fear Him and accepting a bribe is not an option.

As for the news agencies, I feel sorry for the reporters that traded their integrity for a story, a byline or a paycheck. It's not worth it.

I hope some day they will change their ways and report the truth.

For example, the Left-Wing news media went after McCain to get his documents; yet, hide the story about Obama not turning over his documents.

A reporter who stood for the truth would have the guts to go after Obama. However, it just brings us back to my starting point. They only report the news they are told to report.

And me? I'll report the news that the newspaper reporters and CBS didn't have the guts to report. In fact, a CBS reporter called me on my cell phone claiming she wanted my story. I told her I knew she was calling on behalf of the defendants.

She pretended to care about what was happening to me. I gave her the story, but she failed to report it. She now works for the defendants. Another reporter who didn't have backbone and could only see her career and resorted to lies instead.

I'm not afraid to lose my career in order to maintain integrity. I was given an option. Be corrupt or be blackballed from government contracting. I refused the bribes. Just as they promised, they got rid of me.

I would do it again and again. Not everyone can be bought.

Are you a reporter? If so, let me ask you something, and since you are here anonymous, you have nothing to lose by telling the truth.

You're given a story to write. You're offered $50,000 to slant the story towards Corporation A, and if you do it, you'll also get a handsome reward for the follow on contract that is worth $40 million. However, by reporting the story the way they tell you to, you're going to cost an innocent corporation their contracts.

Contractor B doesn't have any bribe money to offer you. All you get is a story that told the truth.

How would you report the story? Do you slant it for Corporation A and get your financial reward, or do you tell the truth for Corporation B and all you get is a story and your integrity?

I won't carry on another conversation with you until you answer the scenario, because without knowing where you stand with integrity issues, I will be wasting my time trying to explain why I want the newspapers to go down with the corporations.

Anonymous said...

lol hmm a leftist paper for news or shark girl on a blog?

hey shark girl, can you tell me who all died in my town, your town? who won the games in HS? whats going on in my neighborhood?

you have converted me, i will follow the masses and get my news from shark girl, on mcclatchy blog

after all, numerous polls, of which may or may not exist prove your point.


Anonymous said...

..Shark Girl in 2012!!!..

but what about bob the builder... er i meant joe the pumber?

Anonymous said...

So Shark Girl, if you're so good, got "wealthy" off a story and fight the "man" why no facts? I mean if people such as yourself are going to be our saviors and take the place of newspapers give us some FACTS. You might know what those are or maybe not.Spouting off a bunch of crap about what you've done is nothing more than crap without proof. It is a good yarn however and I continue to enjoy MW every day to hear from folks like you and that washed up Johnnie boy. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

White Shark Girl may seem a little too strident at times (Some said the same thing about Thomas Paine), I couldn't agree more with her words and thoughts. Journalists learn this go along-get along attitude when they're at college. Most of them have access to the back slapping and palm greasing that takes place at their colleges and universities, but they rarely report any of it.

The student newspapers at one of the most prominent journalism schools in the country has access to the same financial reporting system that all parts of the university use. However, they never track any of the information despite being given routine leads on the misuse of taxpayer and student money. Why? Because all of the institutional advertising dollars they rely on would quickly go away (as would their jobs and the newspaper).

Journalists can tell us of all of the terrible things that are going to happen once they go away. Perhaps if they still had some shred of credibility left, people would listen to them.

Shark Girl said...

All these anonymous nicks makes it hard to answer because it's not worth typing out the words you say just to identify which anonymous one you are. So, I'll just answer and you all can figure out which hidden person I'm talking to.

My question is: Corporate A or Corporate B...who would you write the story for?

Shark Girl said...

Anonymous @9:20...thanks for taking the time to give an intelligent, well thought out answer.

I'm not surprised they learn this stuff in college. It's kind of the strategy lawyers are taught. Rarely do you see someone step outside the mold of what they were taught, and go out on their own and do what is right, in spite of how colleges teach.

Colleges/universities are mainly Liberal in their thinking, teaching, activism, and in the direction they push their students.

What's admirable to me is someone who can stand up for integrity and refuse to carry on what they were taught into their careers. That is, they are able to separate right from wrong, and do what is right.

Currently, newspapers and anchors have no guts. If they did, someone would break out of their puppet shell and challenge the stories about Obama's eligibility. Not necessarily to say he's not eligible, but rather, to challenge the stories and to pursue an end to the lawsuits. If he's eligible, he would just turn over the documents and end the rumors.

A reporter that had guts would go after the story to find out why he just doesn't end the rumors by turning over the document. Why force Americans into an expensive legal battle?

They're cowards. That's why. They never got past their college education in journalism.

Anonymous said...

Without these reporters from the Watch the Dog media covering Washington, how are we going to know when Bo takes a dump on the South Lawn or what skin cream Michelle puts on her awesome toned arms?

Anonymous said...

Shark Girl!

Anonymous said...
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Shark Girl said...

I got my nickname from a lawyer. He calls me shark girl because I'm facing off with a bunch of lawyers. There's nothing about my nick that has to with being a girl. Sorry to bust your bubble of childish games. LOL

I love the nick, especially coming from a lawyer. I also get called "Sharky" for going up against lawyers.

Kevin Gregory said...

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