Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Newspaper publisher caught lying about Jeff Jarvis

Internet media guru Jeff Jarvis drives establishment newspaper people crazy.

Louisville Courier Journal publisher Arnold Garson lashed out at Jeff Jarvis in a recent speech, telling the audience Jarvis does consulting work for companies that stand to profit if newspapers collapse.

Jarvis says it's not true.

(The publisher might have told a fib, but at least he didn't go berserk over Jarvis like this guy did.)

I like this comment on Jarvis' site:
"What brutal, sad irony. My frustration with the medium I grew up with and loved (newspapers) has transformed to anger as they willfully ignore facts, make fallacious arguments extolling their own virtues and feigning their own persecution at the hands of new media. Stop blaming others for your shortcomings..."


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Anonymous said...

Also Ironic:

After the LA Times Hid the Khalidi Tape Before Election, they now demand That Obama Release Torture Photos!

The LA Times demanded this week that President Obama release the detainee torture photos: The Times insisted, "The truth must out."

Of course, this is the same outfit that hid a video of Barack Obama attending a Jew-bash and toasting a former PLO operative Rashid Khalidi before the election.

Rashid Khalidi and Bill Ayers were practically best friends.
And, both Ayers and Obama signed the commemorative book given to Khalidi at his going away party.
But the LA Times would not release the video.