Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reader: McClatchy cuts custodial service, asks employees to vacuum and take out the trash

Looks like employees at the Lexington Herald-Leader have been given janitorial duties:
"... is it just in Lexington or have all of the papers fired their cleaning company? We are now required to take out our own trash and run the vacuum as needed. And water the plants b/c they ended that service as well. The hard working people that deliver the mail, move furniture and fix anything that's broken now have to clean the restrooms and common areas..."



Anonymous said...

At the Distribution Centers for the Sacramento Bee morale is in the toilet, literally !

The District managers on top of the long hard hours of unappreciated work are now "asked" to vacuum, take out the trash, mop the bathrooms and scrub the toilets clean every day.

Nothing better for morale than busting your ass all night, watching the new Distributors sit on their asses savoring the savings and being ordered to clean after 80+ sleepy and intestinally challenged carriers !

Anonymous said...

Wow Modesto Bee employees have been emptying the trash for months now.

As far as janitorial service that has been cut down to 2 times a week.

Plants were gone months ago.

What's next using newsprint as toilet paper. Hey Eric Johnston can you pass me some newsprint this toilet stall is out.

Anonymous said...

Politics aside, it is pretty sad when the professionals who work there have to do that sort of thing.

Sorry guys.

Anonymous said...

tough shit. suck it up and be a man.

love, your buddy,


Anonymous said...

The Star has been doing their own trash for months now as well.

Honestly, who cares. Since I don't want to empty my trash all the time, if I have something to throw away, I just walk to the closest "trash can" that is emptied and put it in there.

Call it a mini-break and cutting down on productivity.

Anonymous said...

I know of one Circulation Center where they did run out of toilet paper and the workers and carriers had to use a pack of office party napkins !

They where wiping with napkins with pictures of happy cows wearing funny party hats !!!

We would laugh if it was not so sad.

Dave D. said...

...But if they take out ALL the trash, there won't be a journalist left !

Anonymous said...

The Star has no problems with this. Those left were the janitors before the Star promoted within. Well, not Fatback. He was makin book down on James st.

Anonymous said...

The Star hasn't had in-house janitors for several years. They fired them all ... a few days before Christmas. Outsourced now. Of course.

Anonymous said...

Dare I say it? Custodial is one function that it does make sense to outsource. These are low-wage, low-skill positions for which there is a big labor pool. It doesn't make financial sense to pay a permanent employee more plus benefits. This is sad but true.

At least they can't outsource custodial to India.

Anonymous said...

"What's next using newsprint as toilet paper. Hey Eric Johnston can you pass me some newsprint this toilet stall is out."

Too bad it's printed in Sacramento now with off set ink...that stuff rubs off and...well we wont go there.

I heard Modesto got rid of security...any truth to that rumor?