Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday May 30 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

PRAVDA: 'American descent into Marxism happening with breathtaking speed'...

Anonymous said...

Cartoonist Ted Rall, says Obama should resign! What next, the media telling the truth about the Obummer?

Ted Rall: It’s increasingly evident that Obama should resign

Anonymous said...

What a hypocrite Captain Zero is, there are very few campaign promised left for him to break, he has flip-flopped on his latest decisions, and his quickness to act politically just as he said he would not, leaves him spinning like a ... [Whirling Dervish.]
(Look that up if you have forgotten the meaning, very apropos for the spinning fop sneaking smokes outside the White House.)
First President in
US History to Have Voted
to Filibuster a Supreme Court
Nominee Now Hopes for Clean Process

ABC News, by Jake Tapper
President Obama's expressed hope today in his weekly address "that we can avoid the political posturing and ideological brinksmanship that has bogged down this (Supreme Court nomination) process, and Congress, in the past" runs against another historical first for the 44th president: his unique role in history as the first US President to have ever voted to filibuster a Supreme Court nominee.

Anonymous said...

-Nieman suspends narrative journalism conferences-

@ Romenesko
"The decision to suspend the Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism and the Nieman Seminar for Narrative Editors during the 2009-2010 academic year "reflects the foundation's need to make a major reduction in spending for the next fiscal year, beginning in July," writes Nieman Foundation curator Bob Giles. || Scott Martelle: "This really is a loss to the art of journalism."

Anonymous said...

Scott Martelle: "This really is a loss to the art of journalism."

Huh? It is one of the primary causes of the fall of journalism.

College Professor: Isn't it wonderful that we have bias in Journalism. It allows the writer to get so much closer to the story and convey his emotion to the reader on a personal level.

Made me want to throw up.