Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seeing opportunity

In the continuing saga at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, drivers are threatening to strike. Which could drive the company out of business.

Some see doom and gloom, but Jeff Jarvis sees opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Shades of the unions and Eastern Airline. The unions playing hardball, we’ll strike, take that you dirtbag oppressors, we’ll drive you out of business if you don’t meet our demands.

Later, the union workers say, Eastern was trying to take advantage of us, we had to take a stand, we just didn’t think our stand would be in the unemployment line. Let’s start negotiations again. Wha wha whaaa, they won’t come back to the bargaining table, lowlife dirtbags!

Anonymous said...

It looks as if the drivers are playing right into the hands of the Star-Tribune to me. Members being uncooperative is what the unions get when they preach hate and mistrust of the hand that feeds them. IMO, the hand that feeds them is forced to fight back to stay afloat, and the charged atmosphere is more like adversaries meeting, not two groups trying to save a company.
-Drivers at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune are threatening a strike.-
Jeff says:
“I could see a few interesting unintended consequences for the drivers: (A) This forces the paper out of business. They lose their jobs. (B) This forces the paper to go online only and the company takes advantage of bankruptcy to kill contracts with not only drivers but also pressmen and everyone except journalists needed for online….”