Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday May 3 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

Another water-is-wet Kansas City Star editorial on the Kansas City School District's search for a new superintendent, written, dissected and stripped of as much opinion as possible by a group of well-paid editors:

"Good leadership from the school board is greatly needed. Getting a strong superintendent is the next essential step. Challenges include getting the district accredited, improving graduation rates, boosting test scores and closing the achievement gap. The new superintendent must unify parents, students, civic, church and business leaders to help improve the academic performance of all students. The district — half the size of a decade earlier — now serves about 18,000 students. A creative new leader working with strong board support is critical to the city’s future."

Compare that to blogger Tony Botello's take on the subject:

"The groups rallying to the defense of the Kansas City School Board are almost singularly composed of organizations run by The Black Political Elite of Kansas City who must turn out in force to defend political patronage and whatever other fat paydays their cronies are getting while running the District into the ground. There's no diversity in this group, there's not representation from ANYONE else other than folks affiliated with Kansas City's most despicable payoff scheme since the days of Pendergast."

Now, which of these two posts does NOT put you to sleep? Any wonder the Star is losing readers?

Anonymous said...

Talk about a blog gone ugly, Jim Hopkins says “Gannett [snip]…now at least tacitly encouraging an ugly, homophobic disinformation campaign targeted at me.”

Jim is certainly involved in what is called, the ‘swarm technique.’ I wonder if he recognized the liberal media’s drumbeat/echo method used to destroy an opponent? The personal attacks against him could have been stopped at the outset, by not allowing them at all. Anyone trying to tell us how great the Gannett blog is, hasn’t read it lately.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:25 Thanks for the contrast!

I can hear it now, "But when we're gone, who will report the news?"

And they wonder why no one buys their hack, drivel and lies. They don't report it now!

Anonymous said...

Close-up and personal photo of Bling Bling’s recession footwear. Those little slippers must be size 15 at least.
Shoes Michelle Obama wears to a poverty event: $540
Ammunition for the Hypocrisy Police . . . Priceless

Anonymous said...

Ha! And she's black, too!

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy is hypocrisy, only the liberal media picks and chooses what to report, based on hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

-Shed no tears as Boston Globe fat gets Pinched-

Boston Herald
Howie Carr

"The Boston Globe is dying this weekend, one way or the other. It probably lingers on a while longer, on life support, a Terri Schiavo of journalism, but this comedy is ending the way it was destined to. Labor is caving, management is winning. Pinch Sulzberger, it so predictably turns out, is only a liberal with other people’s money. So now the rich kids in New York do away with seniority and the “lifetime” job guarantees for their fellow silver spoons in Boston. Sorry, comrades. The Velvet Coffin is being shoved into the crematorium. Maybe you can get a job..."

Anonymous said...

"Carr's comparison of Terri Schiavo to the Boston Globe is in error.

At the time of her demise Ms. Schiavo was far more aware of her surroundings than the moribund broadsheet with its daily deepening stupor, which is now verging on coma.

Times Co. which owns the Globe has no options now but to make the paper solvent in the shortest possible time, like today.

Pinch Sulzberger will be doing his Chainsaw Al Dunlap impersonation, and Globe payrolls will be cut substantially. (I'm guessing a 65% to 75% cut in payrolls would bring the paper back to profitability.)

Oh the irony. Al Dunlap is prohibated from serving as an officer or director for any public company, but Sulzberger will have outdo him in order to keep Times Co. from bankruptcy.

Which one is really the worst company executive of all time? Until Globe Elimination Day every day will Globe Humilation Day. The demise and destruction of a once great metropolitan daily continues apace without respite or interruption,...

...and is grand entertainment.


Anonymous said...

Don’t count these morons out yet.

Pinch Sulzberger will be donning one of his favorite dresses and matching pair of Jimmy Choos and prance his butt to see Liveshot Kerry and the Liar of the Senate Kennedy and work out some sort of bailout package.

There is no way that the Jackals in the Massachusetts Legislature and the Vampires of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation are going to let their mouthpiece go under.

I predict some sort of bailout under the guise of some absurdly titled legislation.

I hope, no, I pray that I’m wrong and this rag is relegated to history. But this is Massachusetts where the perverse and absurd become reality on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the Globe is not all bad. Their naked, vicious, over-the-top bias single-handedly turned me from a far left liberal to a nascent conservative.

Anonymous said...

Let the epitaph be:

“Smug Is Not a Workable Business Plan."

Anonymous said...

They used the Dixie Chick Marketing Strategy, and pissed on at least 50% of their potential customers and advertisers.

Anonymous said...

50 percent? You only wish.

There are no Republicans any more, certainly not in Boston. They've become sort of like Baathists. Dead-enders, hopeless cases isolated in Alabama and Louisiana and assorted trailer parks in other states. They listen to Rush Limbaugh in their spider holes and cast out heretics from the party until there is no party left.

The Republicans stand only for misrule, incompetence and hypocrisy.

Dave D. said...

...Yep 1:49, that's why your filthy Marxist newspapers are rolling in profits. HAH! Keep smokin' dope with the other lefty dopes. The NY Times will be one of the best Mexican newspapers published....EVAH !

Anonymous said...

Ny Times = Mexican (swine) paper
Laugh riot

John Altevogt said...

Video showing the press standing for Osama bin Obama, but not Bush.