Saturday, May 9, 2009

What's up with Jennifer Loven?

If the past 24 hours, 26 people have landed on my blog after this Google search. Two more landed on my blog after this Google search. And another two from this Google search.


Anonymous said...

Stalin, Hitler, but especially Goebbels would have loved this useful idiot.

Her panties drenched wet, and lips (mouth) parched as she orgasmically asks any and all questions to help his and her noble cause.

Oh, she’s part of the media too?

Anonymous said...

Globe haters rejoice! The end is near. Howie Carr

Implosion on Morrissey Boulevard

It’s every moonbat for himself now at the Globe. May the best trust fund win.

Jan. 1 will be D-Day - D as in deadwood. Assuming the effete Globe union OKs the new pact - and what choice do they have? -New Year’s is when the suits can start whacking useless overfed zombies like Dan Totten, the guys with the “lifetime” guarantees.

The bow-tied bumkissers are throwing a hissy fit. Why, these givebacks are “draconian” (a true Globe word). The Times wants everyone to work . . . 40 hours a week! The publisher, who was paid $1.9 million last year to lose $50 million, says the paper needs “healing,” a New Age cliche that usually goes hand in hand with another overused phrase that no one at the Boulevard ever wants to hear again.


But that’s exactly what Pinch Sulzberger is looking for: closure, one way or another. And the spoiled brats in the Guild still don’t get it. They’re dissing the Times, even though without the Times’ weekly $1.7 million infusion of cash, they’d already be out of business. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Get a load of some of the newsroom job descriptions that we’re just now hearing about. Like, “letters editor for the editorial page.” Yeah, most newspapers have one of those. They’re usually called “the intern.” Then there’s the “Globe Magazine copy desk chief,” which seems to indicate there are multiple people on said desk. But not, I predict, for long.

The trick now for all these journalistic hacks is to hang on for as long as possible, until the inevitable “So Long Boston!” final edition rolls off the presses. So the compassionate liberals begin counting heads, lining up the guy in the next cubicle for a head shot. They whisper, “Do you realize that we have 16 photographers - 16! And seven ‘managers’ for them. Start cutting there, dammit.”

What exactly does that Washington bureau do, they hiss.

And what about the columnists, that faded collection of “paralyzing snoremongers,” to use Tom Wolfe’s phrase? Two columns a week - how do they keep up that grueling pace? I heard at least one of ’em has already volunteered to start writing editorials. Any port in a storm.

These clueless fools keep braying that they can’t fold because . . . well, because. Now they’re touting how many hits they get on their Web site. A phenomenon that can be explained in two words: Red Sox [team stats].

Are any Globies delusional enough to believe anyone is logging on to to read another riveting account of Mumbles’ revitalization plans for Uphams Corner, or Best Bicycle Paths of Jamaica Plain?

On the news side, they don’t have a single writer left who can sell papers. They all write like bureaucrats, which is what they are, or were. One suggestion has been to turn the Globe into a nonprofit. Oh, that’s right, it already is - a nonprofitable.

Some of the most devastating stuff about the Globe’s dizzying descent into irrelevance has been written by ex-staffers. One former columnist headlined his blog piece: “The Newspaper That Fired Its Readers.” Perfect. And now the owners will be firing the insufferable snots who fired the readers.

Somebody should set up a camera on a tripod across the Boulevard. It’s going to be fun watching the implosion of 135 Morrissey.

Anonymous said...

How do you find out which Google searches sent people here?

McClatchy Watch said... keeps a record of the Google searches people use to land on my blog.

John Altevogt said...

11:15 That is a awesome post. Highly informative and well written. Superb.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a great post because it's ripped directly from the Boston Herald. Howie Carr is a professional writer.