Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Driving force behind "Under the Dome" blog at News & Observer departs for Roll Call

The News & Observer is losing a talent. Via Talk Politics:

Ryan Teague Beckwith, the driving force behind the N&O’s Under the Dome column/blog, is leaving to join the Roll Call organization in Washington, DC. Those of us in North Carolina who need and want political and state government news will miss the big daily fix he provided over the last two years.

Dome will continue with several good N&O and Charlotte Observer reporters, but it was Beckwith who provided a distinct flavor to the blog without letting his own personality get in the way of delivering up-to-date and interesting political news...

Beckwith is a talented reporter and blogger. His move to Roll Call is definitely a career advancement, not a desperate jumping-off-a-sinking-ship move.


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Anonymous said...

That is such crap. He was an egomaniac and thought he was above every other reporter at the paper because his blog had traffic. He even worked a scam to move to DC AND still be on the payroll in Raleigh. It's so funny that blogger's stick together like they do. I mean really, Kevin you've been kicking McClatchy papers in the balls and then this property loses a big money drain (the guy got paid for sitting at home in his pj's making phone calls then posting stuff on the internet) and you call him a big loss? Please. The N&O has a couple more of those including a sports blogger who thinks he's the second coming of Christ.