Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Howard Weaver is wrong about Clarence Thomas

Howard Weaver, former McClatchy VP for News, says Clarence Thomas acts like a bully.

Of course, Weaver is wrong.

If you want to see the real Clarence Thomas, watch this video.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously nobody gives a hoot about this topic.

Anonymous said...

Nobody gives a hoot about Howard Weaver.

Anonymous said...

This topic reminds me about
"One hundred years ago",Ed Wax of The Modesto Bee wife was flying back into Sacramento from a trip to visit family in New York. She sat down next to a cordial gentleman and they had a nice conversation. He asked her about her life, and she told him her husband worked for Modesto. The man asked her questions about the Bee, and she did not tell him how her husband really felt.

Getting off the plane, She walked up to Ed with the man and said, " I would like you to meet my seat mate, IRWIN POTTS"

Anonymous said...

Howard Weaver is a nitwit. He continues to be wrong about everything, the only interesting thing he has done in years is drop the 'F' word bomb on his blog.