Monday, June 29, 2009

McClatchy Interactive looking for a systems designer

McClatchy Interactive is hiring a Systems Designer:

Job Summary:

A systems developer at McClatchy Interactive designs, implements, and maintains infrastructure solutions in support of the company's proprietary content management system and other, supplemental applications and open source tools that power the McClatchy Company's numerous Web sites.

Systems Developers work closely with the development team and the systems architect, as well as the systems and network engineers in the technology department. They are essentially the bridge between application development and system administration functions and responsibilities.

Major Responsibilities/Activities

· Design and implement software for effective management, automation, data collection, performance analysis, monitoring, alerting and root cause analysis

· Interface with technology and development teams to incorporate requirements and deliver core operations infrastructure components

· Analyze and improve efficiency, scalability and stability of various system resources

· Design and development of unit test modules

· Peer design and code reviews

· Creation of documentation for both developer and end-user consumption

· Providing training to other developers, technology and customer service personnel

· After hours availability for emergency issues.

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Anonymous said...

Is that the job posting they published in India?

Anonymous said...

After hours availability for emergency issues.
Poor sucker.

Anonymous said...

Temporary Job ? McClatchy not going to see 2010.

Anonymous said...

Whats up with the Anchorage Daily News? They have 6 jobs posted, one an IT Manager...

Anonymous said...

That job starts at 100k in banks and security software markets. I bet it doesn't at McClatchy.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, this is a real good job, the future is as rosy as a bloodbath. Just remind whoever gets the job to keep their motor running for a quick get away. What is that about staying clear of dead-end newspaper jobs? Or is that dead-end newspaper companies now?