Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday June 8 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

Lenders may get control of Tribune Co. Chicago Tribune

Chicago-based Tribune Co. and its creditors are in the early stages of negotiating a plan of reorganization in U.S. Bankruptcy Court that sources said likely would transfer control of the troubled media conglomerate from Chicago billionaire Sam Zell to a group of large banks and investors that holds $8.6 billion in senior debt.

Anonymous said...

That Loud Yelp You Hear is Newspapers Being Squeezed—Again

There's something I've said in passing in a couple of posts and comments recently—and in any number of offline conversations—that bears highlighting:

I believe that Yelp is doing the kind of fundamental damage to newspapers' traditional local entertainment listing and reviewing role that craigslist did to classifieds.

Anonymous said...

Facing up to life after print for newspapers

There are many unsettling parallels between newspapers and General Motors, the iconic American corporation struggling to regain its financial health and vigor as a consumer brand.

But there is a major difference between the opportunity that lies ahead for publishers and the continuing challenges facing America’s No. 1 disgraced automaker. Publishers have a far better chance at re-inventing their businesses than GM – but only if they act quickly and wisely.

Kevin Gregory said...

I went to and it pulled up the Sacramento page without me asking it to. Wow.

Anonymous said...

So did I and it went to the San Francisco page. Not only do I live thousands of miles from there, I wouldn't be caught dead in that cesspool. Cleaning my cookies.

Anonymous said...

Hey MW. You might check your cookies. Yelp dumps about 6 of them on you and one is named something like, "recentplaces". That is many more than most sites dump.

Anonymous said...

Layoff by e-mail, “a chickenshit approach”
-Layoff news should be delivered face-to-face, not by phone or e-mail-
Still a Newspaperman

Avoiding face-to-face communication is "a chickenshit approach, and there is no other word for it," says Steve A. Smith. He's hearing more horror stories from newspaper people about cruel, inhumane ways they're being fired or laid off. "Newspapers may be in the crapper and maybe for the long haul. But in such tough times, don't we need to exercise more humanity, not less?"

Anonymous said...

Daily is Redesigned for Advertisers First -- Then Readers
E & P
By Jennifer Saba
“NEW YORK Newspaper executives have been shouting a common refrain to anybody that will listen these days: [The crisis is about revenue, not readership, ….”]