Friday, June 26, 2009

New Barry Shlachter web site launched

Things would have been a lot easier for Barry Shlachter (above) if he had done the right thing and apologized to Robert McKee for mocking the shirt McKee wore to a grave site ceremony.

Robert McKee has launched and it's something to behold.

Robert says he'll take the site down after Shlachter apologizes.

Update: In comments, Robert McKee says:

"I had figured Barry was probably not savvy enough to think to ever purchase his own domain name, so needless to say, I now own him."



Anonymous said...

Robert McKee’s site is deliciously humorous. Hat’s off to you Mr. McKee.

I see a bright future for you, post McClatchy Chapter 11. Robert McKee sounds like a good egg in my book. He has great style, writes well, has a good sense of humor and is a man of integrity, regardless of his politics.

As for the turd, who is the object of the exercise, his new and best calling should be to take up marathon bicycle racing in the extreme geriatric category.

Anonymous said...

Oh that is funny. I wish I had thought of it.

Kevin Gregory said...

Shlachter's comment showed he is a clod, not apologizing showed he is a fool.

Anonymous said...

for the record, i kinda like ol' barry. but nice design job on the schlachter site. it's so much easier to navigate than the star-telegram's.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the kind words :D .. I will say that while I received a call from the Publisher, Mr. Gary Wortel (who was actually very professional to me) yesterday, and I was appreciative of the time he took to call me, he had mentioned that "most of our readers have 'moved on'..", which I actually find to be a horrible stance a newspaper should take. You simply cannot write something defaming about someone in this manner and be so dismissive of the backlash assuming the affected parties will just have to move on like everyone else.

Well THIS reader has not moved on, as that article was about ME -- this guy's snarkiness about my father's burial service is not taken lightly, and they need to address this. Already they have printed two cutesy little half-ass mentions of the winner of my contest as if to appease me and pretend there is not a 1400 pound gorilla in the room. Sorry, not good enough. They know what needs to happen.

I am very humbled by the overwhelming support I have received due to this, and we are making it clear their only course of action is to apologize. Terminating Barry wouldn't be such a bad idea for their bottom line (as a boycott is being discussed), but I'll take either at this point.

Wortel had agreed with me that Barry obviously doesn't find anything wrong with what he wrote (of course, he's so tenured, why should he care?), so a SINCERE apology from him is not likely -- so that being the case, him not being human being enough to see the mistake he's made (or the man enough to acknowledge his horrible ethical fail), the only course of action is for SOMEONE at the Star-Telegram to apologize on BEHALF of him.

I was at an event last night where I saw two of my FWST pals, both who have confided with me that they agree he was out of line.. Of course, I honor their request to be kept out of the saga, but we now know there are people in that building who are as disgusted as we are.

Unknown said...

So -- about the website :D .. I had figured Barry was probably not savvy enough to think to ever purchase his own domain name, so needless to say, I now own him.

He might be able to file a report, laugh at the dumb little readers' angry "letters-to-the-editor" and move on to the next ill-researched and defaming report, but at least until he "mans up", forever online his name will be associated with his journalistic ethical fail and tabloidal hack writing.

Thanks again for everyone's support on this :D

Anonymous said...

Burning questions that need answers!
The reader that raised all the stink about the contest is Kevin McCampbell, 52, of Fort Worth

Now, this guy needs the Joe the Plumber treatment. Is he credible? No, he could not win the contest. Is he a ringer? Is he being used beyond his intent to criticize the contest? Does Barry harbor a grudge against McKee over something else, and is just using Kevin?

Time to investigate Kevin McCampbell. Someone in FW knows him, and we need to find out why he would raise such a fuss over a contest he could not win. Something is rotten, and old Barry has his stinking hand in this, IMO.
Come clean Barry and Kevin McCampbell, you cannot hide. Remember, Joe the Plumber was investigated for back child support payments. Who knows how juicy this Barry/Kevin relationship really is?

Anonymous said...

LOBSTER!!!!!!. Bless you and the memory of your Father!

Though I loathe your paper, I love your writing.

So, "moved on'..", eh. Marxist elitists tend to do that sort of thing.

In my travels I meet people that could and perhaps like shlachter's (sphincters) stuff.

I will quickly set them straight.

Anonymous said...

Kevin McCampbell is “one insensitive moron” - from comments:

“As a loyal six-year veteran of playing this contest, every time I am thoroughly entertained by the challenge. I get stumped every year, usually by one or two letters, and I always come back for more. I'll get it one day!

And [about that one insensitive moron] in the paper: as one of the 450 participants that he feels he is representing the interests of, [let him speak for himself!] Just like him, I knew I didn't win, but I also realize these things get updated when they get updated, it's not a life & death matter. I'm glad you got to celebrate your father's life the way you did and your family is in my prayers.”

Anonymous said...

from Fort Worth Weekly's comments:

theres a lot of talk about this barry guy but lets remember there are 2 pricks here.

barry’s article was really pointless and stupid but kevin mccampbell — i’m more wary of that guy. after an initial google search, it appears he manages a maaco on north main, and let me tell you, if my car needed collision work i would be hesitant to have it under watch by this unstable whiny bitch. imagine having a complaint about their work on your car, he would call his buddy barry and raise a stink, then barry would dig up your past and write about how your mom was a stripper once in the 1970s.

maaco should be aware who is running their shops. i know that because of this guy being such an ass in the paper, i wont be going to the n. main maaco. just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Who is Kevin McCampbell?
All we need is an Obama supporter in State Records to help us out with a little snooping, the corrupt media to zero in on Kevin and drag his name through the mud, and the continued drumbeat/echo press to make sure everyone in the world knows about him. This is how the leftist media does it, so that must make it SOP.

Anonymous said...

Fort Worth Telephone White Pages-
How would a crack reporter follow-up on this information?

Kevin Mccampbell
4032 Ridglea Country Club Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76126
(817) 732-6631

Kevin D Mccampbell
5837 Yeary St
Fort Worth, TX 76114
(817) 735-8932

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:52:

He fired the first shot. He wanted his name to be in the news so badly that even though nobody knows who he is, he is looked at as a douchebag.

The lesson here is, if you're call a reporter aiming to "rattle cages", then you cannot expect the bear in the cage to not swing his paw through the bars and claw your face off.

This idiot put his name out there for all to see and from all the comments thus far no one feels for him in the slightest. He brought this upon himself.

Anonymous said...

Another commenter calls Kevin an ‘Idiot’.
Someone knows Kevin!

“Enjoyed the contest. Agonizing as it was waiting for the big reveal, it was worth it. Complain? Not on your life... [only an idiot,] well... you catch my drift... Can't wait until next year.”

John Altevogt said...

That would be Kevin McCampbell the idiot, not our Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Research: Kevin McCampbell, age 52
Public Records, 3 Search returns to date
1. Kevin McCampbell’s Education
The University of Texas at Arlington
1975 — 1978
Maaco Collision
2. Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS)
Kevin McCampbell, (Coach?) Granbury Happy Hill Academy, Granbury, Texas (Granbury and Hood County are part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Television media market in North Central Texas)
3. Alumni Jacksonville College
Kevin McCampbell
Duncanville, TX
(Duncanville is a suburb of Dallas)
This Kevin's e-mail address published at

Anonymous said...

probably #1 since we can assume he was 21 or 22 when he graduated college plus 31 years since 1978 puts him at 52 or 53.

hard to believe that assclown graduated college, though.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should just write to Barry and ask if he knew Kevin ‘before’ he fabricated a whole article around his complaint. Why did Kevin complain to Barry in the first place? The public has a right to know these things. Better yet, we could think up a whole bunch of fabricated rumors, and demand Barry answer them, to put the rumors to rest. We can confer with the Anchorage Daily News on the particulars of how well that strategy worked out. Better yet, we can get the laid off dumpster diving journalists to sneak around Barry’s garbage dump. They have the groundwork done for that level of journalism expertise. If these strategies don’t work, we can just tell lies!

Anonymous said...

Re: Kevin Campbell "probably #1"
I wonder if Maaco Collision was a sponsor in the contest?

Anonymous said...

Barry is a toolbox? The comments at the Blotch are hilarious. I am not sure what a schmeckle is, but I’m guessing you need spandex bicycle pants to hold it together at Barry’s advanced age. Hah
Barry Barry Quite Contrary
by Eric Griffey

“I’ve worked with McCampbell, this is exactly how he behaves in person, the guy is an obnoxious tool.”

“Nice to see a toolbox like Schlachter get his (schmeckle) handed to him.”

@ Blotch Blog

Anonymous said...

Yes, a fantastic idea about hitting up barry to look into complaints about stupid stuff. I saw a post earlier about how you need to call Barry if you have a losing Texas Lottery ticket and he'll get on the case, funny stuff!

Dmitri said...

Here goes:

Anonymous said...

Geeez, ‘Full Sail’ on Barry’s biker shirt, how does McClatchy continue to wallow in all this nautical stuff?

Anonymous said...

The picture of Barry in his spandex ‘Full Sail’ shirt looks like he’s advertising the -FULL SAIL BREWING COMPANY- in Hood River, Oregon.

Now the questions are, did he ever review Full Sail beer? Did he buy the shirt, or was it a GIFT? Inquiring minds want to know.

Where is a sneaky, unethical journalist when you need one?

Anonymous said...

I believe both the Titanic and the General Slocum were "full-sail" before you-know-what happened..... just sayin!

Anonymous said...

McKee, you've used up your 15 minutes of fame. Geez, does anyone else out there think this tool is actually thankful for the Shlachter column? Your indignation and further use of your father's death to get attention are as reprehensible as Shlachter's column. I see no difference in you and him.

Unknown said...

Uh, yeah, I'm such an attention whore that I was excited to see my father's burial service brought up and desecrated in this man's awfully stupid "report".

He chose to start this and I'm simply using everything in my power to make him and his paper understand the gravity of his actions.

amy lynn said...

Robert is in no way looking for "fame". He should be apologized to, and he's standing up for what's right. What's more, he's doing it like a gentleman. I never had the pleasure of meeting Robert's Dad, but have read a lot about him, and wow was he a neat man. They say the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, so I think I can imagine a bit about that man by looking at his son.

I don't understand why Barry is having so much trouble just doing what any decent human would do, and apologizing. As an aside, my Mom taught me that we all grieve in different ways. It's in my will that no one wear black to my funeral, unless they just, you know, need to feel slim that day :)

It's pretty delicious that you own this domain, Robert. I found it when I googled his name. Very cool.

Hang in buddy - you are right, and right will win out. It might not happen quickly, but it will.

Take good care,
Amy Lynn Hunt
(in case they post me as "anonymous"!)