Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Newspaper owners playing defense

Jeff Jarvis notes a piece in yesterday's NYT that suggests worried newspaper owners are playing defense instead of embracing opportunities:

Like newspaper owners, media moguls are looking for new ways to protect their investment from the ravages of the Internet. And, as with the newspaper industry, the answer remains elusive.

Jarvis has this response:

I’d rather invest in a company that will take advantage of the new opportunities of the internet, not seeing ravages in the future but instead growth and profit. I’ve said often that protection is no strategy for the future. An industry whose strategy for the future is built on trying to keep us from doing what we want to do and resist the flow of the internet is an industry that is merely biding time.



Anonymous said...

To quote their boss, "It's just words"

These jack-offs have no more intention of fixing their bias then their boss does his Marxism.

Anonymous said...

And that is excactly what McClatchy is doing: seeing the Internet as an opportunity. They are one of the newspapere groups that are shifting the business from paper to online.

Anonymous said...

If you knew just how inept MNI's information technology people are, you would realize that coal stokers are in charge of redesigning the Titanic.

Shared services can't even pay the phone bill on time, cutting off the Bees classified sales phones for a day.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:49 "Coal stokers are in charge of redesigning the Titanic."

Very funny and appropriate analogy!!!

2:12 am doesn’t get it. The internet can NEVER cover their paper costs, and why would anyone use their web sites, when there is so much better content out there?

The guy who posted the only reason to go to McClatchy's site was to quote, "To get a shot of McClatchy propaganda" was right.

They are doomed!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, Howard Weaver threw the old 'F' word at Jarvis the last time he popped off about the old media facing extinction. I will be watching Howie for a few days, you can’t beat his comedy show.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:12
Yeah right. As if you a single thing about newspaper business.