Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday June 27 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

New York) Times Co. May Include 2nd Paper in Globe Sale

The New York Times Company hopes to sell a newspaper in central Massachusetts along with The Boston Globe and wants the buyer of the papers to take on $59 million in pension liabilities. It intends to make a deal quite quickly, according to a letter sent to potential bidders.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if buyers lined up around the block, who just crave getting into the pension liability market and make a killing.

Anonymous said...

Like McClatchy, only an idiot would purchase the NYT's properties.

And if the Times was fortunate enough to locate a mark, the sale would essentially be a sham because the Times will either have to take back the property or write-off the debt when their pigeon becomes insolvent.

Anonymous said...

Touch sale.

The real value of newspapers is in their ability to spout propaganda.

And to be successful at propaganda, they need to have circulation. Without circulation they are dead.

So then, how's their NEWSPAPER circulation?

Anonymous said...

Can any one speak about what the heck any buyer would do about the unions?

John Altevogt said...

New media v Old in the Michael Jackson case. The first evening was very confusing because some reports said Jackson was dead while others said he was in a coma.

Turns out was the one who correctly reported his death, while the LA Times incorrectly reported that he was in a coma. The other newspapers went with the Times story and were also wrong until they caught up with the bloggers.

McClatchy Watch said...

Don't forget about freak Perez Hilton -- he twittered that Michael Jackson faked his heart attack.

Anonymous said...

You gotta give the SACBEE high marks for consistency. Ne'er a day passes that they don't have multitudes of photos of "The Messiah" clipped and pasted anywhere they can stick one. (...and yes...we could tell them where to stick all of them.)
But the clip and paste version today was waaaaaaay too much. On page A17 the continued story of "The Annointed Ones" climate change bill story has a photo of "Sir King" contemplating his navel and staring in deep meditation under a classic photo of a real man, George Washington.

So allow me to explain ....Washington also thought there should be a climate change/job killing/tax raising bill, but it took from 1789 until the "Most Precious One" rolled into to Washington to get it done. Just some 220 years. Oh Hail!!!!

What would we have done without the "Most Merciful Master"????

We be gonna be dead probably.

Denny, Alaska said...

Just to keep everyone informed:

The Anchorage Daily News (motto: "Now With Fewer Sections! Saving You Time!) continues to be a liberal rag, continues to suck and continues to bash Gov. Palin at every opportunity.

But, most of you probably knew that, right?

Kevin Gregory said...

Denny -- hey, post some links!

Anonymous said...

Denny, is that really their motto?

If it is, I can't see how the phony marketing could possibly work, unless what’s left of their audience are grade school children