Friday, June 26, 2009

Blogger says he is running rings around KC Star columnist Mike Hendricks

Blogger Tony Botello says he is thumping Star columnist Mike Hendricks. Tony is right -- in fact, Botello brings more news and information than any columnist at the Star.

More: I just compared the comments -- 7 comments at Tony's post, just 1 comment after Hendricks' column -- even though Hendrick's column was posted late Thursday night.


John Altevogt said...

Just checked. It says that there's a comment below the column, but there isn't. No one has commented on it. It's like the Barry phenom we've been discussing. The only way anybody cares about what they do is when they say something so incredibly stupid that they become a national embarrassment and then they blast them into next week.

It's a catch 22. They're not taken seriously and so their only option is to be an even bigger caricature of every negative stereotype people have of them and even that is getting old.

Kevin Gregory said...

I didn't realize one comment really means zero.

Anonymous said...

I'd cut and paste some of the quotes, but then you'd have to remove them so I won't. They are pretty good though.

John Altevogt said...

MW Sort of Orwellian isn't it? When is nothing something? When is being more popular than ever a disaster and being read by more people than ever a problem?

McClatchy Watch said...

Makes you wonder about the Z-man's claims about the Star being a massive presence on the web.

John Altevogt said...

Remember what Derek Donovan said the other day?

"More people than ever before read The Star and, and that is true of many other newspapers and their Web sites. How the advertising model will support journalism in the future is the real question the industry is grappling with, as anyone who follows the issue with even the slightest attention knows."

Once again you apparently haven't been following this issue with the slightest attention!