Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday June 10 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

NY Times Co. seeks Globe bids
Boston Globe

The New York Times Co. has hired an investment bank to manage the possible sale of The Boston Globe, and the company plans to request bids for Boston's major daily in the next couple of weeks, according to two people who say they may make offers on the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Truth to Power? Try, Truth to Reality.

Anonymous said...


Craigslist on Track to Reach $100 Mil. 23% increase from 2008 E&

NEW YORK Classified and community site Craigslist is on track to generate $100 million in revenue this year, according to estimates by AIM Group/Classified Intelligence.

Site founder Craig Newmark attended a panel on the Future of Media hosted by I Want Media last week in New York. In response to a question about Craigslist killing newspapers,...


...Newmark brushed it aside saying that there will always be a market for "trustworthy news."

He also mentioned that he reads newspapers, specifically The New York Times -- everyday and in print

Anonymous said...

Q1 Ad Spend Plunged 14.2%, per TNS
That decline is sharper than the dip reported by Nielsen on Monday

NEW YORK No matter which research service is crunching the numbers, the advertising market took a big fall in the first quarter. According to data released Wednesday by TNS Media Intelligence, which tracks ad spending across 19 media segments, advertising plummeted 14.2 percent to $30.18 billion.

The TNS figures were more bleak than those provided earlier in the week by rival ad tracking service Nielsen Monitor-Plus, which reported advertising down 12 percent to $27.9 billion. (Adweek is a unit of the Nielsen Co.)

Anonymous said...

The corrupt MSM is trying en masse to discredit Craigslist. They apply the Craigslist killer to any criminal that has ever seen it, as if the list is the perpetrator of crimes. Another tactic something like the SUVs that drive themselves into accidents, but other vehicles do not. We have another MSM consolidated propaganda program coming our way. Target, isolate, and destroy tactics we know well by now.
RIP dinosaurs, your demise can’t come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

USA Today to charge for new electronic edition

Associated Press
Editor & Publisher

The electronic replica of the printed USA Today will be sent by e-mail beginning Aug. 3 at a cost slightly less than printed editions of USA Today.

Anonymous said...

Launching a newspaper, yes to advertising and editorial employees, no to distributors or press operators.
-Brothers consider launching daily paper in Detroit-

Detroit News
Mark Stern, 63, and brother Gary, 67, tell Associated Press they hope to publish within 60 days the first issue of the Detroit Daily Press. Advertising and editorial employees will work for the paper, but not distributors or press operators. "We aren't going to get into a situation that will put us in the red," says the younger Stern.

Anonymous said...

What's behind Dobbs' 29% drop in total viewers?

New York Observer
"I don't know if it's true in Lou Dobbs' case, but sometimes people just tire of acts," says media reporter Ken Auletta. TV news critic Andrew Tyndall believes the CNNer's cooling off is primarily attributable to the fading of immigration as a core issue of national concern.

Anonymous said...

Craigslist is the best thing that ever happened for consumers and business. No more being ripped off by retarded old newspaper executives.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Journalist/Racist goes on shooting spree in Holocaust Museum.

Sounds like this clown and KKK Senator Byrd (D) are kindred spirits.