Saturday, July 11, 2009

Charlotte Observer hiring warehouse assistant

Who says McClatchy isn't hiring?! The Charlotte Observer is looking for a warehouse assistant.

The Charlotte Observer, the region’s leading information source, has a part time opportunity for a warehouse assistant to join our team in the Matthews Distribution Center. The Charlotte Observer is one of the largest newspaper in the Southeast area with circulation at 209,218 daily and 258,722 Sunday. The Charlotte Observer employs approximately 750 employees and is owned by McClatchy.

The position has a varying schedule:

Early morning schedule Mon. 2 am-6 am;

Fri. 2 am-6 am; and Sat. 2 pm-8 pm

Up to 16 hours per week

The duties of this position are:

Unload trucks, shipment verifications, general warehouse cleaning and light warehouse maintenance and assisting with all aspects of the morning routine as needed. Delivery assistance on paper routes and delivering replacement copies of the newspaper.Company car provided while on the job. This positions requires long periods of standing, stooping and lifting.

The pay is $9.00 an hour. And it's very part-time -- "up to" 16 hours a week.



Anonymous said...

So from the sounds of it, this job is for a
Warehouse manager
Circulation director
Circulation Field manager
and Maintenance Manager
That is going to make $9.00 an hr part time 16 hrs a week?

Anonymous said...


Down Route delivery agent.
Service Runner.

Whoever takes that job will sacrifice their body for less than the 9 bucks and will have no health benefits to make themselves healthy when things go wrong and they will believe me.

Anonymous said...

it looks more like a comment, I heard some 20+ years ago, that has stuck with me, is coming to fruition. When a company wants, or needs, to raise the bottom line, you do it by cutting employees. You cut, cut, cut. Then when the company bleeds, you add a little back.
16 hours a week at $9 an hour, covering a multitude of departments….Pathetic!!!
Have at it. You get what you pay for.