Sunday, July 26, 2009

Charlotte Observer looking for "Celebrations and Obituary Coordinator"

Talk about a bipolar job -- the Charlotte Observer is looking for a "Celebrations and Obituary Coordinator."


The Charlotte Observer, the region’s leading information source, has a part time (30 hours a week) opportunity for a sales-focused administrative professional to join our team as a Celebrations and Obituary Coordinator- Connections Team. The Charlotte Observer is one of the largest newspapers in the Southeast area with circulation at 209,218 daily and 258,722 Sunday. The Charlotte Observer employs approximately 750 employees and is owned by McClatchy.

The Celebrations and Obituary Coordinator is responsible for writing, input, edit and proof announcements for Celebrations/ Obituaries: up sell as necessary. This position will cover all responsibilities including ad placement and fulfilling all customer related requests. Maintain positive and proactive contacts with all Observer customers and clients including funeral directors and families of deceased. Maintain all administrative duties, assist walk in customers and coordinate with other departments and employees to get the job done.

The Celebrations and Obituary Coordinator is a 30 hour per week position and Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Requires deadline oriented position with the ability to work independently with little supervision. The candidate for this position will have excellent communication skills with customers due to the high level of contact with The Charlotte Observer customers.

Pay is $10.50 to $14.50 an hour.

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Anonymous said...

If you read Obamacare and listen to leftists the Eugenics and Euthanasia movement is closely tied to this brand of socialism. (National)

Therefore it is necessary to "guide" the masses in viewing death as a celebration, lest anyone get upset with Acorn Health Care (National Community organization) when they decide it is time of off granny during one of their mandated visits to your home in order to weigh you and file their report on your tobacco, alcohol and eating habits.

Read the bill, it is in there.

and for your listening pleasure while reading it, I recommend:

of course it is 1018 pages so to really get the blood flowing there is always:

Anonymous said...

Obituary Coordinator: Recall this is their bread and butter where they really stick it to the bereaved for thousands and thousands of dollars of PROFIT!

But as devout Marxists, why is it for this position, and this position only, McClatchy is a full blown blood sucking capitalist?

But then they only pay $10.50 to $14.50 an hour. Is this one of those jobs that our anonymous troll said come August, wages go through the roof?

Finally, like McClatchy’s successful advertising unit, shouldn’t this boiler room job be on some type of commissions?

Anonymous said...

Obituary writer... at last a journalism job with a future. Especially if Obama ever gets his hands on the nations health care.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:00 I think your on to something.

In fact, I may have underestimated McClatchy’s inspired broad based business plan. It goes something like this.

Proudly publish biased lies supporting Dear Leader’s election. Then, with heads up from the DNC about Dear Leader’s DeathCare legislation, beef up their Obituary Coordinator staff, and legally stick it to the bereaved.

Bingo, right back to profitability, their stock goes to the moon ($1.75/share as some have touted here)

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't SF libs be up in arms? (Do leftists ever have cognitive dissidence?)

Isn’t Obamacare genocide against gays?

My reading of the DeathCare bill says it would end paying for the very expensive drug cocktail used to keep AIDS patients alive.

Treatment would be replaced by Death Counseling and a handful of pain-killers. Strange the SF community hasn’t picked-up on this.

Can someone edify me on the fine points?

Anonymous said...

Some obituaries are cause for celebration.

I can think of a bunch of people in Washington whose obituaries I'd *love* to read.

Anonymous said...

Isn’t Obamacare genocide against gays?

Only for the old ones who eat, drink or smoke. We actually like them because abortion costs are and we don't even have to poke them to get them to whine. We also like their costumes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a great opportunity for the conservatives on here to dovetail their Obama-hating AND their hatred for McClatchy.

Obits are indeed the cash cow for newspapers. For some reason, families believe they need to run long-winded, glowing tributes to their lost loved ones. "Jane Doe entered the pearly gates of heaven and into the arms of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ..." Upsell a photo and a tiny cross and I've heard that an obit can get ungodly high - $1,000 sometimes, depending on the newspaper.

Newspapers are participating in the scam that is death, right up there with needlessly expensive coffins.

Mom's dead, folks. Good Christians should know Mom's not "in there" anymore. A cheap casket and a 10-line obituary in the paper won't keep her from going to heaven and she'll still love you, my friends.

Anonymous said...

Generally speaking black folks are not all that gay friendly. Look at the gay marriage bill that was overwhelmingly passed in California. While the California blacks voted overwhelmingly for Obama they also voted against gay marriage.

Many blacks are unhappy when gays use the same civil rights dialogue that they themselves used. Blacks point out that black is a given status, while gay is a behavior.

Don't believe it? Wear a rainbow tee shirt and a loose fitting pair of loafers next time you stroll through the hood and let me know how that works out.

It is really strange that Muslims, the new darlings of the hard left, are also not really gay friendly but, for some reason, the connect the dots liberals seem to miss that.

Quick way to get stoned to death is being a woman caught having sex (even if it is rape) or just being gay. So, these two main constituents of the hard left, females and gays are killed and imprisoned in Muslim countries in the name of their religion and not a peep from the defenders of left wing identity politics.

Anonymous said...

I see they're paying big bucks. Should be a long line of those willing be bend over and take it where McClatchy likes it.

Anonymous said...

I see you far-right kooks have a new conspiracy to give your life meaning until the next one comes along.