Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Competition for CareerBuilder?... Fortune 500 companies to launch free job-search site

Some Fortune 500 are banding together to launch a free job database that will compete with CareerBuilder, a venture owned by Gannett, Microsoft, McClatchy, and others. Editor & Publisher report:

Fortune 500 companies have launched a free job database that Wednesday expected to offer more than 500,000 job openings by the end of the week. is powered by the technology company QuietAgent and works somewhat differently from the big job sites Monster and CareerBuilder, the platform jointly owned by Gannett Co., Tribune Co., The McClatchy Co. and Microsoft.

The advantage to's sponsoring corporations is that it could reduce recruiting costs, QuietAgent founder Jason Kerr said in a Chicago Tribune article by reporter Wailin Wong.

Unlike CareerBuilder, job seekers at UnitedWeWork don’t search and apply for specific jobs, but fill out a templated resume. That information is then matched with job postings. The site continually looks for matches and will even match for those who get a job through the site.

UnitedWeWork will be free for job hunters and employers until the end of the year. Headhunters who charge job seekers are forbidden on the site.

McClatchy owns 14.4% of CareerBuilder.




Anonymous said...


And just when MNI stock was up .04 cents too.

Hmm, I guess the Melanie's, "It's that darn economy" doesn't seem to apply here.

Then the only real thing to do here, is to either eliminate the competition, or get a tax break or a bail out?

Anonymous said...

Ruh-Ro is right. Drat, Darn, Ricken, Frackin capitalists! Hasn't anyone told them that we are the press? WE DO NOT COMPETE! They must cease and desist.....OBAMA!

Anonymous said...

This is like saying, here is all of the low paying no experience required jobs.

Fill out a brief questionnaire (give us your personal information) and we will tell you that we think you are destined to flip burgers at McDonald's.

Anonymous said...


The site is worthless. I tried using them after I got laid off from a McClatchy paper and now my in box gets spammed

Anonymous said...

Mcclatchy would do well to sell off Careerbuilder. It's cost per ad in addition to print cost hikes have driven a VAST number of clients away to Craigslist.

Remember, this is Mcclatchy, there isnt a good idea or business model we cant run into the ground given enough time.

I see the senior Mcclatchy folks sitting around the table like in those Direct TV ads, having a blamestorming session, clueless as their sky falls.

Anonymous said...

IMO Craigs List is totally useless from a jobhunter's perspective and, as a former salesperson for both print and Careerbuilder, I don't know a single one of my customers who used it (or would confess to it). Also, Careerbuilder has the same sort of job match that this site is proposing. You can post your resume on CB and it will send you jobs that it matches to your qualifications, though as a former salesperson, why they matched me to nursing jobs is beyond me! No matter. I'm SO happy to say they are not my concern anymore!