Monday, July 20, 2009

Food vendor at Kansas City Star cited for not washing hands, other violations

The KC Star's food vendor has been cited for several "critical" health code violations. Here are a few of the violations city inspectors found earlier this year:

  • Observed employee not washing hands between glove usage
  • Severe dust build up on ceiling vents and exhaust fan under counter.
  • Oven has grease build up inside.
  • Observed sterno stored on top of and next [to] single service items and latex gloves
  • Observed utensil drawers to have food and dirt build up. Lower shelves under steam table had food crumbs. lower shelf under prep table had food debris.
  • Employee drinks were on prep table next to meat slicer and single service items

Anybody see the KC Star publish these violations?

Photo -- not taken at the Star -- The Diverse Purse

Hat tip: Tony's Kansas City


Anonymous said...

Like lokeman, ted kennedy, or any lib bugaboo, it never happened unless it's a republican

Anonymous said...

Well...he is only one guy who not only has to prepare whatever people want, but also has to take money, etc.

I haven't died yet from eating it (and all of these violations are "behind" the scenes).

Taco day FTW!

Anonymous said...

Oh, give it a rest M-Watch. McClatchy has more pressing stories to run, like this. Like their vendors, if they blink to wash their hands, Salon scoops them.

My GOP: Too old, too white to win

Republicans can engage in complicated studies to determine the standing of our brand. We (after all, I most certainly am a Republican) can search for policy positions that better connect us to the concerns of voters. We can do any number of things to try to change our fortunes.

Until we come to grips with some fundamental math, however, the numbers simply do not add up to the GOP prevailing in a national election any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Gives a new meaning to "home cookin'"
After they layoff enough people at the KC they can go to vending machines like Modesto did...MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM Black forest ham! But why is it green?

Anonymous said...

haha, American Food and Vending is one of the cartel of companies that control the vending in almost all the prisons in this country. No wonder it's filthy.