Thursday, July 16, 2009

Idaho Statesman looking for a business reporter

Who says McClatchy isn't hiring?! The Idaho Statesman is looking for a business reporter.

The Idaho Statesman, a McClatchy Co. daily newspaper in Boise, seeks an enterprising, seasoned business reporter. You should be a first-rate writer with a demonstrated passion for journalism. You’ll work as one of two business reporters to break news online and in print. We expect our reporters to be comfortable working on multiple platforms, using each medium to its advantage. You should be able to write sophisticated, fair, compelling stories of Idaho business people, problems and trends – and be fast and comfortable presenting information in alternative story forms. You’ll work in Idaho’s largest newsroom as part of an award-winning team rich with talent, experience and creativity. You’ll join a community whose economy boomed for most of the decade, but is stalled now as the local housing and tech sectors struggle. You’ll live in a valley blessed with an enormous outdoor playground of mountains, forests, rivers and desert.

Salary is not specified. Click here for more.

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Anonymous said...

Oxymoron. MNI-DNC and business? As in like capitalism?

Idaho Statesman looking for devout SOCIALIST quasi-business reporter.

There, fixed it!

Anonymous said...

You should be able to write sophisticated, fair,...(BOY, YA LOST ME HERE. DEFINE FAIR?)

...compelling stories of Idaho business people, problems and trends

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to detect a pattern here. Head office demanding phony job postings?

Anonymous said...

Idaho needs to be painfully greener, have socialized medicine, needs a bullet train from the Mexican border to the City limits (just out of public view), with off loaded illegal immigrants immediately registered to vote Democrat, have more people on welfare, and needs to tax all it’s businesses and it’s citizens regardless of race or color into prosperity.


Anonymous said...

Some Econ-101 for the new soon to be Idaho Statesman Business reporter, who if he/she writes truthfully...will be fired the next day.

John Carver, first Gov. of the Plymouth tried communalism with common community effort and crop planting....starvation ensued and, Gov. Bradford reversed the effort and the colony survived on personal achievement and individual commerce...

Do a search using ‘Pilgrims, Plymouth Colony socialism, Christian communism experiments...their sudden failure under John Carver and their solution by Gov. Bradford. It is rewarding.

Chavez and Obama would do well to start with this knowledge and then take the best from the American experience from there beginning with the idea that a constitutional republic is the best model the world has ever seen.

Deconstructionists have no future.

Anonymous said...

To the new Idaho Statesman prospective hire, quote this article and your a shoe in to get that job!

Official: Venezuelan oil workers must be socialist (AP not MNI)

Venezuela's oil minister says workers at the state oil company must support President Hugo Chavez's endeavors or be suspected of conspiring against his socialist revolution.

Rafael Ramirez says Petroleos de Venezuela SA, or PDVSA, must follow Chavez's orders - whether that's helping out with social programs or selling oil to geopolitical allies such as China.

He warned that workers who do not join community groups organized by the government's party will be suspected of "conspiring against the revolution."

Anonymous said...

Here is what happens to business editors at the Idaho Statesman (in 2000 when it was owned by Gannett):

The Idaho Statesman has a curious definition of "fact checking." The business editor of the Gannett-owned daily, Jim Bartimo, resigned when he was told that a story he had worked on about Micron Technologies, the area's largest employer, had to be sent for pre-publication "review"... to Micron Technologies. As the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz reported, (1/17/00) the Statesman described letting the subject of a news report review it before it runs as "good journalism," and the possibility of a journalistic conflict "laughable."

Anonymous said...

... Interestingly, in following up on that story, Kurtz learned that the Idaho Statesman's previous business editor says he was fired from the paper for writing too critical a lead on a story guessed it, Micron Technologies. Kurtz's February 7 article noted that the Statesman reporter covering Micron is married to a Micron employee. None of this is a problem for Statesman editor Carolyn Washburn, who says: "It's not that it has anything to do with their being the biggest employer. What we write can affect a lot of people in this community. It can affect the stock price."

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:43-1:43

Incestuous lot aren’t they? And I thought Colorado was a bit of a conservative state.

I suppose Caligula would be quite the jolly fellow working for this bugger of a paper

Anonymous said...

So then am I to assume that this new Colorado hire would have to have suppressed their gag-reflex a bit in order to provide solid and long term work for this fine Colorado establishment?

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone who knows anything about business accept a job with a company that won't exist within a year?

Anonymous said...

3:29 PM Some democrat told them it was a welfare scheme. They're working for the Severance Program.

Anonymous said...

there has not been a Statesman reporter on the biz desk married to a Micron employee for years. the five-person biz staff was decimated to one over-matched metro reporter. He is the sole biz voice in Boise, and an inexperienced one at that. the overseeing editor is a leftover from the editorial board who know squat about biz. blind leading...well, you know.
Micron has refused to talk to the Statesman for years, and to its detriment. The company thinks it owns Idaho, yet is small potatoes compared to tech elsewhere.
Appleton, the Micron chief, is a big cry baby who summons Statesman staff to Micron to whine and pout. He has been named worst CEO by Fortune and Forbes mag many times, with reason. Google it. He thinks boycotting the press makes him look cool. It is bush league. he's afraid of honest feedback, enabled as he is by an aging coat-holder lawyer who wipes his nose and pours his cocoa.
He is a big fish in a tiny pond. Podunk city. A crappy gutted Gannett paper, now on life-support with McClatchy.
the biz desk is known as a career graveyard, going back years and years.
avoid this dog. Arby's would be better.

Anonymous said...

6:05- LOL