Friday, July 3, 2009

McClatchy publisher says tax break will help his paper keep 2 reporters

A new law giving newspaper printers and publishers in the state of Washington a 40 percent tax cut took effect this week.

The News Tribune publisher Dave Zeeck says the savings will help him keep 2 reporters on staff.

The News Tribune of Tacoma publisher Dave Zeeck said that the approximate $100,000 a year in savings his newspaper will see is the equivalent of keeping two reporters on staff for a year.

"We are doing everything we can to preserve news content, and this certainly helps," he said, noting that they are still paying about $150,000 in state business and occupation taxes even after the cut.



John Altevogt said...

It could not possibly have worse management than it does now, or be a bigger embarrassment to the community.

What does it say when the local left-wing alternative newspaper does a better job of covering the community than you do?

War Pig said...

While we are busy running business out of the state with fees and taxes we throw special breaks to the left leaning papers? Do not count on Talk Radio getting any breaks.

Anonymous said...

The watch dog is getting fed by the watched.

Anonymous said...

If a tax reduction can save two jobs, why are democrats so set on jacking them beyond any time in the history of this country.

Also, if a tax reduction can save two jobs, then firing another executive director of operations could save TEN! Of course we know that the real number is closer to TWENTY because McClatchy sure isn't hiring anyone for 50K a year right now.