Friday, July 24, 2009

McClatchy stock falls 6 percent

McClatchy (MNI) shares closed at $1.17 a share on Friday, down 6.4 percent from Thursday's close. Over 1.8 million shares changed hands.



Anonymous said...

Profit taking, or could it be because McClatchy is bias, openly lies, fails to report the news, shills for the DNC, and readers actually get news about their failing paper and the world from… M.Watch?

Life News reports: Two Republican leaders in the House of Representatives are confirming reports that the health care restructuring bill the House is currently considering.....


A leading patients rights advocate is worried about the effects of the legislation.

Betsy McCaughey, the former New York lieutenant government who is now a patient's rights advocate, notes that the government-run health care plan would require "end of life" counseling for seniors.

The counseling, she says, would be focused on telling seniors how to end their lives sooner.

Anonymous said...

It'll be back below $1 a share by the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

3:45 I did not support youth in Asia when Johnson was President and I sure don't support it now. That whole Viet Nam thingy was a waste.

Now, where did I leave that bottle of Jack Daniels?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:30 LMAO

Anonymous said...

Here's this for a a former MNI employee I have sold all my stock at a terrific loss compared to when we were Cap Cities or KRI but at least I got out. My new stance is.......if I ever have to call overseas for a complaint or try to get something resolved, that is the day I cancel my subscription and go totally to the internet for news or information. My carrier inserted a memo note to call him directly if there is a problem with my delivery or if I need a change/he promised to solve the problem and informed me if I called the phone in the paper, I was calling the Phillipines. I will NOT SUPPORT sending jobs overseas by my continued patronage of a product no matter what that product is......
If Corporate America thinks they can sc**w the American people and continue to make profit and survive, they are wrong and they will NOT GET my $5-$10 per month payment to support them doing it.

While it may be little, when it multiples by will mount up.

The same is true of grocery stores.........I will NOT check myself out because it allows less employees and doesnt give me a discount anyway.

Time for the consumers to take a stand against losing American jobs in whatever way we can and withhold our business from those corporations who outsource.

Anonymous said...

6:18AM: Another reason the carrier put the note in your paper asking you to call him is that the Distributors are charging them $ 2 for each complaint. Even if it something that the carrier has no control over they still get docked.

Anonymous said...

6:18AM - I guess you don't wear any clothes or shoes since almost 100% of clothing found in retail stores is made overseas. I also assume you own television or computer for the same reason.

Both used to be industries with production facilities in the US until competitive pressures forced outsourcing or complete moves overseas.