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Monday July 20 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

‘Captive US soldier’ - Barry O - What are you going to do to get our soldier back? Maybe a cup of tea with the Taliban, and ‘splain’ to them how the USA is mean to their people just like the Taliban are. Yes, that’s the ticket, we are worse people by far. The Taliban would not allow young girls out of a burning school because their faces were not covered, and they burned to death. We send checks to people that have never worked a day in their lives. Now how mean is that?
Taliban video shows captive US soldier...
23-year-old from Idaho...
Obama will be tested by the crisis...
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Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton invisible? Obobo does have some good ideas.
-The curious case of the steadily
shrinking Hillary Clinton-

New York Daily News, by Michael Goodwin

Among Barack Obama's many firsts, we can now add this: He has made Hillary Clinton nearly invisible. Even Bubba never managed that.

Anonymous said...

Blimey, Howie Weaver gets quoted. His comment, “bailing water to keep the boats afloat” returns us to the nautical and Titanic scenario. Is Howie a sailor, or what?
If newspapers could get just 10% of what online giants make from news content...
Etaoin Shrdlu | Temple Talk

"The impact would be direct, immediate and dramatic," writes Howard Weaver. "The layoffs could stop, and owners would have breathing room to address strategic questions instead of constantly bailing water to keep the boats afloat. Newsrooms could start hiring the kind of people they need to create the journalism of the future." There's plenty of money being made on content online, notes the retired McClatchy news veep, but "the news companies have to be willing to fight for it."
Via: Poynter Online

Anonymous said...

“self-obsessed print reporters” - Tsk, tsk, what an unkind thing to say about our dinosaur reporters.
Now the FCC cares about journalism

Excerpts & snips:
….FCC Commissioner Michael Copps is swinging his worry beads. says Copps is circulating an internal Notification of Inquiry (a step toward rule-making) about journalism and TV hinting at requirements for stations to provide journalism in the public interest and at possible government support.

Journalism and TV: an oxymoron? Well, not always. But often. Local TV news has sucked for years – that horse is out of the barn, over the horizon, and in the glue factory already. Fluff and fires, that’s most of local news on TV. So what is Copps lamenting?

The local broadcast business is going the way of newspapers, only a bit behind and more slowly and [without all the attention of self-obsessed print reporters.] So what’s to protect?
More @

Anonymous said...

'Boston Globe' Union to Vote Again Today on Contract
Monday's vote will be the second in two months for the Boston Newspaper Guild, which narrowly rejected a similar deal in June.
E & P

Anonymous said...

So many people fact checking articles online, the NYT cannot keep up with their blunders, or lies, take your choice of words.
UPDATED: 'NYT' Says Author Borrowed Language from an E-mail in Magazine- Cover Story
By Greg Mitchell

NEW YORK Just two weeks after it admitted that photos in a major photo spread in its Sunday Magazine had been digitally manipulated, The New York Times carried a long Editors' Note in print today (this is more serious than a mere Correction) concerning last week's Magazine cover story on Whales.

Oddly, by our check this morning, the Editors' Note did not show up online -- or attached to the original article, as is usual policy. The borrowed language remained at the end of the published piece online. Finally, hours later, this afternoon the correction did appear online. It was a rare occasion these days when print beat web.

Anonymous said...

The Decline of Newspaper

Newsweek has dropped its “guaranteed” circulation to advertisers by half a million. Time has dropped its expected circulation by 750,000.
While these MSM outlets have declined in readership, the general population has been increasing.

Rupert Murdock, a major newspaper publisher, has proclaimed that “there has never been more hunger for news.” That is true. But we are not getting it from newspapers.

Too often, newspaper articles are inadequately researched or give a biased, one-sided account of the news. The worst papers’ print articles are misleading or completely false.

Bloggers and Internet reporters have written countless articles bringing light to both bias and inaccuracies that appear in newspapers. Is this to blame for the fall of newspapers?

Anonymous said...

"The "hard-luck theme" is unlikely to change when McClatchy reports Q2earnings on Tuesday, says the AP."

@Fitz & Jen

Anonymous said...


Obama Health Plan to Cover 12 Million Illegals(newsmax)

On Friday, Democrats moved one step closer to giving free health insurance to the nation’s estimated 12 million illegal aliens when they successfully defeated a Republican-backed amendment, offered by Rep. Dean Heller, R-Nev., that would have prevented illegal aliens from receiving government-subsidized health care under the proposed plan backed by House Democrats and President Barack Obama.

The House Ways and Means Committee nixed the Heller amendment by a 26-to-15 vote along straight party lines, and followed this action by passing the 1,018-page bill early Friday morning by a 23-to-18 margin, with three Democrats voting against the plan.

The Democratic plan will embrace Obama’s vision of bringing free government medical care to more than 45 million uninsured people in America – a significant portion of whom are illegal aliens.


Anonymous said...

News MNI acolytes can’t get in their own paper due to bias.

White House putting off release of budget update (ap)

The White House is being forced to acknowledge the wide gap between its once-upbeat predictions about the economy and today's bleak landscape.

The administration's annual midsummer budget update is sure to show higher deficits and unemployment and slower growth than projected in President Barack Obama's budget in February and update in May, and that could complicate his efforts to get his signature health care and global-warming proposals through Congress.

The release of the update — usually scheduled for mid-July — has been put off until the middle of next month, giving rise to speculation the White House is delaying the bad news at least until Congress leaves town on its August 7 summer recess.

Anonymous said...

Couric: Like Cronkite, I Get 'Grief From Both Sides Of Aisle' (early show)

Katie Couric offered some comic relief on this morning's Early Show, preaching the importance of objectivity in reporting.

As evidence of her impartiality, the CBS Evening News anchor cited the fact that, as did Cronkite, she has gotten "grief from both sides of the aisle."

Now I suppose some of the more radical elements of the Red Army Faction might have found something to quibble with in Couric's coverage over the years.

But how can the woman who has come to epitomize MSM liberal bias suggest with a straight face that criticism has come in comparable degree from the left and right?

Anonymous said...

How is journo making a living? Big question, no answer.
Laid off journo, Mark S. Luckie, writes, “Why being an unemployed journalist is the best thing to ever happen to me”

“… I don't hope to be unemployed forever, I cherish this time as a boon to my creativity, my resolve and as encouragement that there are better times ahead.”

“all the talk of journalism dying is hooey.”
Luckie fails to address a basic question that also occurred to us: how is he making a living?

Anonymous said...

Al Qaeda Affiliate Welcomed to USA under ObamaRule (CFP)

Hizb ut-Tahrir--an admitted Al-Qaeda affiliate, Islamist Hate-and-Destroy-the-USA-and-Capitalism Conference

Under any US President--I presume even Franklin D. Roosevelt--the sworn enemy of the United States of America would not be allowed (let alone welcomed with open arms) into the country.

But, under Dictator Obama’s rule, that’s what is now occurring and encouraged terrorist groups are coming out into the open--with no reprisals whatsoever.

The terrorist group Hizb ut-Tahrir--an admitted Al-Qaeda affiliate--is actually holding an Islamist Hate-and-Destroy-the-USA-and-Capitalism Conference at a Hilton Hotel just outside of Chicago.

Note: Looks as if they’re joining their brother Obama in the same quest. Remember that Chicago was for years our dictator’s base of operations.

With the area’s and hotel’s embracing those who would destroy our country--Obama included--it seems that Chicago and surrounding environs are the places to go if you want to plan and schedule blowing up something in the US.

Anonymous said...

Free health care for 12 million illegals? More like 20-plus million illegals will get a free ride under Obama. Anchor babies are counted as "legal" citizens. No way we should be giving it away to non citizens and their anchor babies. E-mail your representatives before Obama shoves this down our throats.

Anonymous said...

Obama's health care disaster is killing him in the polls. This is on this morning:

Forty-nine percent of people questioned in an ABC News/Washington Post survey released Monday approve of the way Obama is handling health care. That's down four points from last month and down nine points from April. Forty-four percent disapprove, up five points from June and 15 points from April.

Anonymous said...

"Three whole news cycles late, here's finally one for our men and women on the long black wall."

And a Comment: Best line: The Killing Fields were fertilized with this man's lies."
Walter Cronkite, RIH!

Blog lead to article:
-Walter Cronkite Has Blood on His Hands- American Thinker,
by Matthew Patterson

Anonymous said...


Wasteful Stimulus Spending (Breaking on Drudge)






Anonymous said...


Palin's Hairdresser Claims NYT Lied About Gov's Hair Thinning
By Noel Sheppard

On July 12, the New York Times claimed Sarah Palin's hair was thinning, and used it as evidence that the Alaska governor was not handling the stress of office well:

Friends worried that she appeared anxious and underweight. Her hair had thinned to the point where she needed emergency help from her hairdresser and close friend, Jessica Steele.

Now, Steele is striking back via Twitter: "I have never spoken 2 Inside Edition or told any reporter at the NYTs that Sarah Palin's hair was thinning to the point of emergency! Liars!"

Anonymous said...

‘Captive US soldier’ - Barry O - What are you going to do to get our soldier back?

Another whine from the peanut gallery. What would you do? Do you have a solution or do you just jump at every opportunity to whine and complain about Obama? What do you think Bush and Co. would do? I'm sure you know since they were the jokers that put us in this untenable situation in the first place.

Tell me how this country would be better if McPalin won? I'm sure that both of these wars would be over and money would be growing on trees.

Complaining with offering no solutions is about as disingenous as one can be.

Anonymous said...

Congrats "Pinch"...yet another phoney story from a 'fishwrap' who's content smells like a 3 week old cod.

You could print a retraction and admit that it's really Maureen Dowd's hair that's getting threadbare...

Anonymous said...

Re: The Drudge Headline of the Contracts-Recipient Summary. Without the Internet, this would not have made the news, each robbery is linked. This can’t be good news for The Bam, but will the press inform the public, or hide it as usual behind their in-the-tank reporting? And, the masses catch on to the Wizard of Fraud, but the so-called watchdogs didn‘t see a thing!


Anonymous said...

Gaffetastic... Obama Forgets Who Controls Congress (As does McClatchy)

In his Weekly Address Barack Obama forgot who controlled Congess for the last 2 and a half years.
The New York Times reported:

“I want to be very clear,” Mr. Obama said in his weekly address to the nation. “I will not sign on to any health plan that adds to our deficits over the next decade. And by helping improve quality and efficiency, the reforms we make will help bring our deficits under control in the long term.”...

“The same folks who controlled the White House and Congress for the...

...past eight years as we ran up record deficits will argue — believe it or not — that health reform will lead to record deficits,” Mr. Obama said. “That’s simply not true.”

(For the record-- Democrats have controlled Congress since 2007.
The Democratic Congress controlled the purse strings last year and shattered government spending records this year.)

Anonymous said...

Funny how Dear Leader's been saying that for over a year and yet no questions from the press or McClacthy as to his role and the democrats role in the last 2 years of the 8, just crickets.

Anonymous said...

The media as a government watchdog? Surely you jest? They haven’t fulfilled that job honestly for years. Uncle Walt is the forerunner of biased reporting, and he was really old.

Anonymous said...

Just haw many more of Dear Leader's lies has McClatchy printed?...More Crickets

...I never associated with terrorists. They were just people that lived in my neighborhood.

...I was born in Hawaii. My birth certificate proves it.

...the surge was a failure and didn't work.

...I don't want to run a car company.

...I don't want to run banks.

...I don't want to run insurance companies.

...Cap and Trade is good for America, good for the economy and good for the environment

...Pass my stimulus plan now and the unemployment rate won't go above 8%.'ll be able to keep your current health insurance plan and doctor under my health care plan.

Anonymous said...

7:14 hey troll-boy, give us your solutions for all of the above posts? CRICKETS

Anonymous said...


The Pelosi-Reid Congress shattered spending records this year by a cool trillion. (New York Post)

Data published by the White House show federal spending has inched upward annually since 1965.

But no other year comes close to matching 2009's $3.997 trillion gusher -- a spending binge that's helped put Congress on track for a record $1.8 trillion deficit.

By way of comparison, in fiscal year 2008, Congress tore through a total of $3 trillion with a then-record deficit of $458 billion, according to White House figures.

And the amount of government debt held by the public will have ballooned from $5.8 trillion to $8.5 trillion in less than a year.

Anonymous said...

Bush was bad with spending, but what Obama and this Congress have done are outright, no-doubt-about-it treasonous acts against this country and its citizens.

You would have to be a stone cold McClacthy idiot to not see this.

Anonymous said...

WaPo Mag Contributing Editor: "Any Latina Could Make a Better Decision Than a White Man Could"

The contributing editor of the Washington Post Magazine gives racist judge Sonia Sotomayor two thumbs up.

In today's "She Really Didn't Say That, Did She?" segment, a contributing editor to Washington Post magazine claimed that if Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor were being really honest with America, "[S]he probably would want to say,

'Not only do I mean a wise Latina, I meant any Latina could make a better decision than a white man could.'"

In the Age of Obama racist hate speech against white males is acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Dodd Bashes Lobbyists, Then Spends Weekend With Them on Martha's Vineyard

Chris Dodd ought to be a charter member of the Hypocrisy Hall of Fame. The oily Democrat from Connecticut has zero shame.

After distancing himself from lobbyists in campaign ads, Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) was on Martha's Vineyard this weekend meeting with some of the most well known names on K Street.

Anonymous said...

President Obama ran for the highest office in the country and it is his job to face up to problems like the capture of our soldier by the Taliban. Of course our leftward leaning friends don't mean to imply that the leader is clueless and lost. Surely they don't mean to say he is over his head and unable to respond to events in the real world. Surely they don't mean to say that if it's not on the teleprompter the commander in chief has no idea.

Do they?

Anonymous said...

How good are newspaper Web sites? A test of Eppy winner shows even the "best" may get a failing grade

Newspaper people often blame others - see Google, parasitic aggregators, etc. - for their troubles making enough money online. But could there be another problem in many cases? Could it be that newspaper Web sites in many - even most - cases aren't good enough to compete?

Mark Potts provides an excellent test for newspaper Web sites on his blog, Now you may quarrel with his standards, but I think it's fair to say that Mark is an expert in Web journalism.

He was one of the co-founders of and has a deep digital resume. I happen to think he's got a lot of good ideas about Web journalism.

Anonymous said...

With Obama’s Numbers Slipping He Hides Latest Economic Report That Shows How Wrong He Was
Flopping Aces

We've seen Obama's numbers slipping for some time now, no surprise of most of us.

And now those numbers are slipping hard when it comes to his latest Socialist push:

And this is with a sample that includes 22% Republicans, 33% Democrats, and 41% independents. Just a bit skewed.../sarc

Kind of explains why he will hold another press conference on Wednesday eh? He is desperately trying to shore up support....even if that means delaying the latest bad economic news:

Anonymous said...


Rasmussen-Obama approval down to 50%, Free Fall

Anonymous said...

Come on, It's from Rasmussen, that evil Republican pollster is trying to defame our hero.

Gallup still has Dear Leader at 110%.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps older folks are catching on that they will be herded into the grave yard under Obama "care";

Yet their grandchildren will have absolutely nothing (except crushing debt.)

Anonymous said...


Michelle Obama: Looking good
Miami Herald (Susan Estrich)

Was that a $5,000 VBH alligator clutch that Michelle Obama was carrying in Italy? So the company bragged, absolutely certain it was theirs, until the White House responded that it was not the alligator but the patent, an $875 VBH clutch and not the more expensive model.

Anonymous said...

Study: 83 Mln Would Lose Private Health Coverage Under House Dem Plan (American Spectator)

[A] new report by the Lewin Group ...finds that the House Democrats' health care bill would shift more 83.4 million Americans from private health care coverage to the government plan. To put that in perspective, that would mean that nearly half (48.4 percent) would lose their private health coverage.


about 63 percent of covered Americans get their health care through their employers, and if employers decide to drop their current health plans in favor of the government plan, workers won't have any choice but to sign up

Anonymous said...

So pretty much all this site has become is a bunch of whiney repubs posting info from other sites creating a meeting of the sheepish minds.

No wonder the repubs resemble the gang that couldnt shoot straight. Well maybe Cheney when he's going after his hunting partners.

Anonymous said...

12:08 PM What is no wonder is that the best you can offer is someone else's sophomoric trolling talking points.

When you're overwhelmed and can't dispute the content, it is better just to shut your punk ass up. Lest anyone know that you're an ass, punk.

Anonymous said...

12:08...So pretty much all this site has become is a bunch of whiney repubs posting info from other sites creating a meeting of the sheepish minds.

So where do you hang out when you are not here? We want to join in and piss and moan about the Dems on their blogs...equal time...freedom of speech etc.

Anonymous said...

Good news from Boston. I don't live there so I don't kow if the Boston paper the Bay State Banner has reported this...
This past spring, a brand-new, 117,000-square-foot distribution center opened its doors in Boston's Newmarket Business District, a revitalized industrial area on the city's south side. Carol Tienken, chief operating officer of The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB, 617-427-5200,, was focused on creating a facility that would allow her to grow and improve her organization while respecting the environment. From

Anonymous said...

12:53 anon; you are pretty much a child lacking of any real personal skills. But again, like the repubs, all you can do is shout out insults. We'll have a vigil for you.

Anonymous said...

I have been on furlough and not checked the blog the last few days. Who is the new voice who does not seem to know that using all caps online is equivalent to SHOUTING ?

All caps are also harder to read because they don't give the eye as much variation to discern.
So please be polite and shut up with the all caps already.


Anonymous said...

A-sky-is-not-falling pep talk from the publisher of the Wichita Eagle: